The Local’s Most Popular Stories of 2012

A month-by-month rundown of what our readers were most interested in this year.

EvelynKonstantin SergeyevClean-up at MoRUS after Sandy


1. Last Call at Holiday Cocktail Lounge
2. Japadog Opens on St Mark’s
3. New Year Begins With Occupy Arrests, Motorcycle Accident
4. In Little Ukraine, Christmas Is Still Around the Corner
5. Death on L Train Tracks


1. Obscura Antiques to Reopen on Avenue A
2. The East Village Other Culture
3. Coen Brothers Take Second Street Back to 1961
4. Is This Porchetta Sandwich Now the East Village’s Best?
5. John Leguizamo’s East Village



1. The Bagel Burger is a Bomb
2. Video: Arrests During Occupy Wall Street March from Zuccotti Park to Union Square
3. Coens Make it Rain on Bleecker Street
4. Disgruntled Ex-Employee of Bar Veloce Not Letting Up
5. Katrina Bowden’s East Village


Bedford Ave. & N. 7th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1. Two Officers Injured During Anarchist Attack on Starbucks
2. Epic Standoff Between Cooper Union Student and Police
3. A Subway Death, a Narrative, and a Witness
4. Told to Leave 3rd Street Apartment, She Preps for a Fight
5. Controversial Chelsea Hotel Developer Plans 9.5 Million Hotel on Broadway



1. Side-by-Side, East Village Chain Stores Would Span 16 City Blocks
2. Central Park Bees Find New Home in Alphabet City
3. Lakeside Lounge, Adam Yauch Memorialized on A
4. First Avenue Starbucks Closed for Operating Illegally
5. He’s Got That East Village Sound (Many of Them, Actually)


sinkhole 5

1. CBGB Gets Packed Up and Shipped Off (Yup, Even the Toilets)
2. So Far, No Takers for Imperial Bedroom Where ‘American Psycho’ Was Born
3. Man, Moving Truck Swallowed By Separate Sinkholes on East Seventh Street
4. Tenants Say Landlord Has Lost It, But What Can They Do?
5. First Look Inside Iconic Hand Rolls, Serving Sushi to Coneheads Tomorrow


ngt-DK's Jello

1. Mama’s Food Shop Closes After 15+ Years: ‘It’s Just Too Damn Hard’
2. Dead Kennedys
4. Harley Speaks: Former Cro-Mag Says He Acted in Self-Defense at Webster Hall
5. IHOP Fined for Noise from Bacon Buster



1. Pit Bull Still Alive, Had History of Attacks
2. Autopsy Determines Carlisle Brigham Died of Spill Down Stairs
3. Woman Fatally Cut Across Neck on Orchard Street
4. First Look at Bugs, a Homespun Japanese Joint Opening Today
5. Lakeside Lounge’s Replacement Will Be ‘A Place Where Girls Want To Go’



1. Fighting for a $291 Apartment, With a $747-Per-Month Last Resort
2. Schools Evacuated As Wall Separates From Building
3. Bar On A to Be Replaced By 7-Eleven
4. Bikinis Brings Tapas, Sandwiches and Churros to Avenue C
5. Church Cleared to Be Sold for $41 Million: Evidence That Douglas Steiner Is Mystery Buyer



1. Man Shot in Alphabet City Hours After Gunshots Heard on Third Avenue
2. Alec Baldwin Drops By to Cheer Up Displaced N.Y.U. Students
3. Woman Plunges to Death on University Place
4. Woman Found Dead On Seventh Said to Be Owner of Arcane Bistro
5. East Village Braces For Hurricane Sandy


liquor store on Ave. A

1. 100 Places Open in the East Village Right Now
2. Sandy takes the East Village
3. Food and Water Distribution Centers Opening at 3 P.M.
4. The Cramps
5. Many in Alphabet City and Stuyvesant Town Still in Dark, Cold



1. Oh Hey, Did You Know Katz’s Is Delivering Now?
2. Talk About Pie in the Sky: Cooper Lock-Ins Get Floating Pizza Delivery
3. Meet Siobhan Meow, the Cat Lady Who Paints With Poo
4. Neil Gaiman Descends On Bookshop Like a Ninja
5. Star the Miracle Mutt Leaves State as Ex-Owner Leaves Country