Photos: Sandy Hits the East Village

We posted a few cell phone shots of Sandy’s aftermath yesterday. Here now are some proper photographs of the storm and its wake, by photographer and C-Squat resident Konstantin Sergeyev. Stay tuned for this morning’s update.

Avenue C is a riverKonstantin Sergeyev Avenue C becomes a river.

Hurricane SandyKonstantin Sergeyev

Hurricane SandyKonstantin Sergeyev

Hurricane SandyKonstantin Sergeyev On Avenue C.

East River Park entranceKonstantin Sergeyev East River entrance.

FDR floodedKonstantin Sergeyev FDR Drive flooded

Car window smashed by fallen treeKonstantin Sergeyev Car window smashed.

C-Squat basement floodedKonstantin Sergeyev Flooded basement of C-Squat

Hurricane SandyKonstantin Sergeyev Clean-up at Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space.

sandyKonstantin Sergeyev Block party on C.

_MG_7544Konstantin Sergeyev Fire dancers

_MG_7623Konstantin Sergeyev Block party

_MG_7640Konstantin Sergeyev Cars towed last night.

See more photos in The Local’s Flickr pool and add some of your own.