Neil Gaiman Descends On Bookshop Like a Ninja

EAST VILLAGE buildings sunset (st brigid's)Shelf Awareness A fan shows off a tattoo of Mr. Gaiman’s signature.

Neil Gaiman stopped into the St. Mark’s Bookshop for a so-called “ninja signing” yesterday, bringing a camera crew and a welcome sales boost with him.

According to Terry McCoy, a co-owner of the shop, Mr. Gaiman’s agent called last Thursday to set up the event, but the bestselling British author didn’t announce it to his nearly 1.8 million Twitter followers until hours before the 11 a.m. signing.

“He did it really to help us out, because he knows we’re kind of struggling,” said Mr. McCoy. “He’s a real prince of a guy.”

Several dozen people showed up to the crash signing. For those who missed it, the shop still has about two shelves of books signed by the fantasy and sci-fi novelist and screenwriter. “Perfect holiday gifts for people who like my books. Useless for anyone who doesn’t,” tweeted Mr. Gaiman, who has said the bookshop is his favorite in New York (he, in turn, is one of the store’s top sellers).

As for the camera crew following Mr. Gaiman, that’s a big secret. “I was told that it was confidential, whatever it was,” said Mr. McCoy.