Oh Hey, Did You Know Katz’s Is Delivering Now?

IMG_89901Daniel Maurer

If you welcomed the news that Mile End is again delivering its smoked meat sandwiches, boy are you going to love this: you can now order lunch and dinner from Katz’s.

Traditionally, if you wanted to get delivery from one of the last of the old-school delis (R.I.P., Stage), you had to get the whole office in on it: there was an order minimum of $80 and a $20 fee for delivery to the East Village. But in recent days, Katz’s joined Seamless, where the order minimum is a mere $15 and the charge for delivering to the East Village is $2.95. (The delivery fee jumps up to $7.95 if you live in the West Village and goes up from there, depending on neighborhood.)

According to an employee, Katz’s quietly joined GrubHub a couple of months ago (the delivery minimum is a mere $10 there) and is now serving Seamless customers as well.

We ordered lunch earlier this week and within half an hour got a pastrami sandwich with a couple of pickles, a wooden spoon for smearing mustard, and, thankfully, a big ol’ stack of napkins.

Now if only Russ & Daughters would deliver?