Two Arrested in Thanksgiving-Weekend Stabbing

photo(44)Sasha von Oldershausen

Two men were arrested after a Thanksgiving-weekend stabbing, according to a police source familiar with the case.

Juan Santiago, 26, was arrested on Nov. 23, the day of the incident. A second suspect, Luther Wright, also 26, was arrested four days later.

After being stabbed at 64 Baruch Drive, in the Seventh Precinct, 26-year-old Jonathan Flores walked north across Houston into the Ninth Precinct, where the crime was reported at 950 East Fourth Walk, in the Lillian Wald Houses. He was treated and released within two days of the incident, according to our source.

The report, filed with the Seventh Precinct, cited robbery and assault. Investigators believe the incident was drug-related, our source said.