Meet Siobhan Meow, the Cat Lady Who Paints With Poo

Back when the now-open Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space took us on a tour of former squats, we met Siobhan Meow, a Bullet Space resident who at one point kept 100 cats at home.

Since the mid-nineties, the artist has rescued felines and used them as muses for paintings, ceramics, and photography. She even collaborated with one of them, Jupiter, by combining his organic material — fur, urine, and yes, poop — with her paints. After his passing this October, she is dedicating her current collection to him.

Ms. Meow’s paintings, which start at about $1,500, will be showing at “Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book” this Friday at ABC No Rio. In our video, she talks about her beloved Jupiter and his talent for “thinking out of the litter box.”