The Day | Body Found On L Train Tracks

IMG_9038Dana Varinsky

Good morning, East Village.

More on the settlement between Bikram and Yoga to the People: the St. Marks studio “is working on a new sequence that will also be offered in a super-heated room and incorporate some poses from the sequence popularized by Bikram’s founder, Bikram Choudhury, but will also include other poses.” [City Room]

“A body was found on the tracks at the First Avenue subway station early Monday, officials said.” The man or cause of death has not been identified. [DNA Info]

A restaurant supply store that has been on the Bowery for 40 years has left for Brooklyn because the Bowery “was changing into high-end apartments, restaurants, bars and galleries,” according to a broker on the transaction. [Commercial Observer]

“After 40+ years in existence, BLEECKER BOB’S will be closing!!!!” the record store announces. “Looks like another month or 2 maybe. we’ll definitely be open thru to the New Year, maybe even a couple of months into 2013.” [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]

In an effort to get back business post-Sandy, Ciao for Now has teamed up with Startup New York, an organization that provides resources and organizes events to bring in customers. [YNN]

“Tenants in a building on East 14th Street say flooding from Hurricane Sandy spilled chemicals in the basement which have contaminated their apartments with an odor that caused headaches and nausea, but their landlord–the same family who owns the Second Avenue Deli– is dragging its feet in fixing the problem.” [Runnin’ Scared]

Anthony Dominguez, a homeless artist who “carries an entire art studio within his backpack and paints all of his pictures in the History section of the New York Public Library,” is showing at the Clayton Gallery, with an opening on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. [Vice]

You Can Thrive!, a Union Square nonprofit that treats breast cancer victims, is fundraising for a new space. [DNA Info]

“Just in time for the holidays, Nicky Paraiso, longtime Director of Programming at The Club at La MaMa dons his Santa hat to become the Master of Ceremonies for the ultimate holiday cabaret show, Christmas in Nickyland.” [The Lo-Down]

A film that debuted at The Hole “presents the personal stories of skateboarders from the inner city, delving into the problems kids from New York — who might not normally even step foot in Manhattan — encounter and the lack of acceptance they feel from their communities.” [ESPN]

“Pastry chef and road-trip expert Christina Tosi, founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, is launching a one-day only holiday cookie truck in collaboration with American Express. This Saturday, December 15th, Christina and her mom will hand out a couple thousand of Momofuku’s cookies for free lucky passersby at locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.” [Paper]