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The Day | Stabilized Rents Likely to Rise

Own itJoann Jovinelly

Good morning, East Village.

“In an annual ritual, the Rent Guidelines Board took only a half-hour last night to recommend preliminary increases that would range between 3.25 and 6.25 percent for one-year lease renewals and 5 to 9.5 percent for two years.” The final numbers will be determined in June. [NY Post]

“A 14-year-old boy allegedly bit a teacher at a Lower East Side school on Tuesday, police said.” [DNA Info]

Philip Nobel asks, “What names wouldn’t be on the alumni rolls if Cooper had not been free? What future talents will be thwarted by a lack of funds? We’re about to find out, and we’ll never know.” [Architect]
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The Day | $10K-a-Month Apartments at Jupiter 21

EAST VILLAGE floristGloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Rents at Jupiter 21 will range from $3,000 to $10,000 a month. A resident of the building it replaced, which held Mars Bar, says that during the 1980s she could look out her window and see the glow of “60 crack pipes.” [Wall Street Journal]

In an opinion piece that’s getting a good deal of pick-up, Felix Salmon slams Cooper Union for pursuing an overly ambitious growth strategy in the face of debt. [Reuters]

The rooftop of a five story building on East Seventh near Avenue C is caught on film Sunday afternoon, serving a cautionary tale for summer barbecues. [City Room]
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The Day | Varvatos and Iggy Pop Luxuriate On Bowery

EAST VILLAGE dogs in strollerGloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

An ad for Chrysler’s John Varvatos 300C Limited Edition features Iggy Pop on the Bowery. [Neighborhoodr]

Police are looking for two men wanted for an alleged sexual abuse and robbery on the Lower East Side. [NY1]

A new exhibit, “The Old Becomes The New: New York Contemporary Native American Art Movement And The New York School” continues at Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba (219 East Second Street) through June 2. [Hyperallergic]
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The Day | Richie Havens Dead at 72

Yoko One: Don't Frack New York, at ABC CarpetScoboco Yoko Ono’s Anti-Fracking Posters outside ABC Home

Good Morning, East Village.

Richie Havens has died at 72. The folk icon lived in the East Village around the time of his legendary Woodstock performance and played shows at the Fillmore East. [NY Daily News]

The Jefferson building has released the floor plans and prices for its condos…hope you’re sitting down when you read the numbers. [Curbed NY]

“A nude model who used a topless tour to convince cops not to shut down a racy photo exhibit at a Lower East Side gallery has been forced to cover up after the landlord threatened to terminate the gallery’s lease.” [NY Post]
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The Day | ‘Most of the LPs Are Fine’ at Momo+Momo

Manhattan-20130421-00705Ray Lemoine

Good morning, East Village.

More on the fire at Momo+Momo: “Most of the LPs are fine, some of them were damaged by the water,” says manager Andy Song. “Luckily, nobody was hurt,” Song said. “We hope to be back up and running in a month.” [DNA Info]

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation complains that “as part of an ongoing renovation of the 85 year old tower, NYU is ripping out the modern casement windows and replacing them with the blank, single pane ones. The new windows look like they were made for a spacecraft, or at best, a suburban office park, rather than a pre-war Gothic tower.” [Off the Grid]

It’s official: Benjamin Shaoul has broken up with East Fourth Street. [Occupy East 4th Street]
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The Day | East Village ‘Slow Zone’?

4:16:13sotMel Bailey

Good morning, East Village.

“Chad Marlow, the founder of the Tompkins Square Park & Playground Parents’ Association, wants to bring a “slow zone” to the East Village as part of the Department of Transportation’s Slow Zone program, which lowers the speed limit within designated zones from 30 to 20 miles per hour.” [DNA Info]

An East Village “boutique condo” is on the market for $1.125 million. [Curbed]

“For one night, punk rock fans and foodies will have a chance to relive the grungy past when Marky Ramone teams up with Daniel Boulud for an evening of music and feasting.” [Gothamist]
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The Day | Overhaul For Tompkins Square Park?

St. Mark's pastoralScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

The woman who died in an early-morning apartment fire has been identified as Mary Lincoln Bonnell, an 84-year-old artist known for her giant abstract bronze sculptures. [NY Post]

The East Village Parks Conservancy wants to give Tompkins a multi-million-dollar overhaul. “The Conservancy hopes not only to replace the park’s rundown and decrepit bits, but also to give it the ‘design integrity’ that it had before renovations in the 1990s ‘stripped the park of its elegant historic character.'” [NY Press]

It’s no wonder they call the Bowery “the city’s oldest streetscape”: “Despite a wave of gentrification — new restaurants, bars and hotels — vestiges of the block’s grimy, boozy past remain.” [NY Times]
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The Day | Police Crash Gallery Show

EAST VILLAGE motorcycleGloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

“Police showed up yesterday afternoon at the ROX Gallery and met 24-year-old beauty Natalie White — who went bare-breasted as she showed them the exhibit, which is plastered with explicit photo of her. She even invited them to last night’s opening.” [NY Post]

Some public school students gathered with parents and activists in the auditorium at P.S. 364, the Earth School in the East Village on April 14 to protest standardized tests. [Village Voice]

Susan Stetzer, district manager of Community Board 3, spoke out against proposed budget cuts to New York City libraries. [DNA Info]
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The Day | Cooper Union Has Dibs On Ex-PS 64 Dorm

Maiden LaneGammaBlog

Good morning, East Village.

As you can see above, the former Life Cafe space is getting a new restaurant, Maiden Lane. Michael Natale, who posted interior shots to The Local’s Flickr pool, says it’ll open Wednesday. [GammaBlog]

More details have emerged about the dormitory Gregg Singer has proposed for the old P.S. 64 building: “The dormitory, called University House, will have amenities ranging from a health center to private study rooms and a fitness center. Mr. Singer expects rents to be about $1,550 per month per bed. It is expected to open in the fall of 2014. Cooper Union has signed a 15-year agreement for its students to get priority for roughly 200 beds.” [Wall Street Journal]

The owner of Boukiés is suing the State Liquor Authority over an “illegal” liquor license agreement that he felt he was forced into with CB3. [DNAinfo]
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The Day | David Cross: Filming in the EV Was a ‘Nightmare’

Birds of Eleventh St.Joann Jovinelly

Good morning, East Village.

Here’s more about the man who fell on the train tracks at the Second Avenue subway stop Friday: “The worried mom says her son suffers from seizures, as well as emotional and drug problems. She said tests found no alcohol in his system and that she believes he fell because of a seizure.” [NY Post]

David Cross on filming in his old neighborhood: “Especially in the East Village, there’s this old, annoying kind of typically clichéd, iconoclastic punker and all that kind of s- -t — the Goths and gay guys — and those guys see the production, and they’re yelling, ‘The park is for the people!’ It was a nightmare.” [NY Post]

“On Saturday, Bleecker Bob’s shuttered its doors for good after forty-six years on the corner of West 3rd Street and MacDougal – just a week before Record Store Day celebrations on the 20th.” [Runnin’ Scared]
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The Day | Robert Perl, ‘Counterculture Landlord’

Rag and BoneScott Lynch

Good Morning, East Village.

Fifteen people from 13 countries became new U.S. citizens at the Tenement Museum on Tuesday. [The Lo-Down]

Sunday night’s season premier of Mad Men portrayed 1960s St. Marks Place as “seedy, home to abandoned buildings, litter-strewn sidewalks and sketchy characters.” [NY Times]

Travelers reacted with indignation to a Community Board 3 member’s proposal that they are “voluntary homeless” and should not be allowed to sleep on the street or in parks. [East Villager]
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The Day | Kushner Buys More Buildings

Owl and PenguinRoey Ahram

Good morning, East Village.

Jared Kushner is still at it: “329-335 East 9th Street and 325 East 10th Street, were sold in an off market deal to the Kushner Companies by Icon Realty Management, which bought the buildings in 2010, according to city records.” [Real Estate Weekly]

“Management of the decades-old West Third Street record store Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies said Monday night that a deal to keep a music counter inside the frozen yogurt shop that has leased the space is ‘almost definitely off’ as the vinyl gurus prepare to move out as soon as this weekend.” [DNAinfo]

An alternate take about the No 7-Eleven campaign: “It’s not gentrification that’s being protested. It’s gentrification — in a crystallized form — that’s being preserved!” [Quilas]
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The Day | Eva Mendez Goes Skull-Shopping at Obscura

black-eyed panda Joann Jovinelly CAPTION

Good morning, East Village.

Eight new members have been appointed to Community Board 3. [The Lo-Down]

“Coming up this weekend at the Sunshine Cinema, there will be a screening of the “NIMBY Experience,” in which the Lower East Side’s Luis Guzman goes homeless on the streets of New York City to “shed light” on a cause he’s passionate about.” [The Lo-Down]

The owner of Bella Tile is upset that taxis visiting the Madina mosque continue to block his driveway. [The Villager]
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The Day | Intermix Hitting Bowery in April

Dutifully serving Grand Marquis in the East VillageJakor Puls

Good morning, East Village.

The seventh Intermix store in Manhattan will open in the old Steve’s on the Bowery space at the end of April. [Racked NY]

After complications related to Hurricane Sandy, the city’s new bike share program is expected to launch in May.  Here’s an interactive map of the locations in the Lower East Side. [The Lo-Down]

Adele Atelier, a “no-frills beauty parlor for men and women,” will move into the upstairs-north storefront at 96 Orchard Street. [Bowery Boogie]
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The Day | A Trip to the Bowery Swingers Club

Fumero, Adam Dare, The Army GrowsScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

51 Astor will feature a “black-and-white granite lobby anchored by a 14-foot-tall red rabbit sculpture by Jeff Koons. Three storefronts will wrap around the ground floor, one of which will house a bank, Mr. Minskoff said. A school will occupy a second-floor space. And there will be a public plaza at Astor Place and Third Avenue.” [NY Times]

The operators of the Soho House “have decided to take some more time for community outreach before moving forward with their Lower East Side expansion plan, so the liquor application has been withdrawn, for now.” [The Lo-Down]

Grant Stoddard visits Bowery Bliss, the new swingers club on the Bowery: “A half dozen more people inhabited the lounge now; the new arrivals were on the older side. We’d barely taken our seats by the fireplace when two more guys in their forties swooped in. One, Marcel, was French but lived in Boston, from whence he’d driven down to ‘party.'” [Timeout]
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The Day | 1993 Wants You To Call It Back


Good morning, East Village.

The ’90s are calling and if you pick up a pay phone you’ll hear from the era of crushed velvet and “Kids.” The New Museum has recorded an oral history of NYC in 1993 and all you have to do to hear it is dial 1-855-FOR-1993 from any pay phone. Who knows, maybe it’ll be James St. James on the line telling you about club kids in the East Village, or Angelo Fabara recounting his days at the Limelight. [GalleristNY]

L.E.S. Dwellers are throwing down against the SoHo House’s expansion to the Lower East Side. The group sends an e-mail declaring that “L.E.S. dwellers scream NO MEANS NO to the 1,800 love letters sent to selected residents on the L.E.S. extolling the virtues of the Soho House franchise and its ‘inclusive’ nature, bringing the creative locals together. Only a certain “public” is welcomed, the rest will be left outside on the street with the riffraff who overtake our neighborhood Wednesday night through Sunday morning.” [L.E.S. Dwellers]

Pangea writes in to say it’s launching an East Village Film Series dedicated to showing “award-winning works from local and international filmmakers, and to celebrate the silver screen. Aiming to take cinema off the computer, and back on the big screen, the EVSF is dedicated to sharing important, entertaining, and challenging works of art with New York City.” [Pangea]
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The Day | Major Facelift For Parking Garage

EAST VILLAGE buildings (middle white)Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

“A proposal to renovate a historic East Village synagogue and construct a penthouse suite on top of it took a step forward last week, with plans passing through a Community Board 3 committee and subcommittee and now awaiting approval from the full community board and the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.” [East Villager]

“A somewhat grim Department of Transportation parking lot on the Lower East Side is getting a major facelift (or facade-lift, as the case may be), courtesy of Michielli and Wyetzner Architects and the city’s ‘design excellence’ initiative.” [Curbed]

“Police were able to get their hands on a knife-wielding robber after he struck at a Union Square Taco Bell restaurant, but his accomplice fled with the cash.” [East Villager]
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The Day | Renwick Townhouse Going For $6.7 Million

St. Patrick's Day NYC 2013: East Village, Paul's BurgerScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

As you can see above, St. Patrick’s Day rolled through the East Village. For more photos of celebrations in the neighborhood, check out Gothamist as well as The Local’s Flickr pool.

The new Soho House on Ludlow Street will have “a ground floor restaurant and bar, a sitting area on the second floor and a third four “old school” gym meant for activities such as boxing and yoga.” [The Lo-Down]

“An 1861 East Village townhouse, built by architect James Renwick, Jr. (who also designed St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Washington DC’s Smithsonian Castle) has appeared on the market for $6.7 million.” [Curbed]

“’The Love Song of Jonny Valentine,’ by East Village author Teddy Wayne, has quickly morphed into the hipster must-read of the moment.” [Daily News]
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The Day | Houston Street Construction Spreads

Crash bombs the Bowery Houston wall: Work in progressScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

More renderings of the East River Blueway have been revealed. [Curbed]

Charles Bagli explains why he wrote a book about Tishman Speyer’s $5.4 billion purchase of Stuyvesant Town: “The more I learned about Stuyesant Town, the more intriguing it was,” he said. “It had this rich history that most of us don’t know anything about. It’s such a cauldron for the lives of the middle class.” [Town & Village]

“WeWork, the rapidly expanding collaborative workspace provider, has nailed down a 16-year lease for 120,537 square feet at 222 Broadway.” [NY Observer]
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The Day | 240 Years For Bar Veloce Terrorizer

EAST VILLAGE march snowfall4Gloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Steve Johnson, 45, who held more than a dozen patrons hostage at Bar Veloce in 2002 has been sentenced to 240 years in prison. [DNA Info]

“The debate over [John] Sexton’s [N.Y.U.] presidency will come to a head this week. The faculty of the university’s largest school, Arts and Science, has scheduled a five-day vote of no confidence. Given Dr. Sexton’s international stature, the vote may serve as the most important referendum yet on the direction of American higher education.” [NY Times]

A woman suspected of stealing another woman’s wallet and more than $2,000 from her bank account earlier this year is suspected of stealing another wallet at Key Food on Avenue A, say police. Police describe her as a white female between 25-30, 5’3″, 110-125 lbs. and dark hair. She is said to also wear “hipster” glasses. [Gothamist]
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