The Day | David Cross: Filming in the EV Was a ‘Nightmare’

Birds of Eleventh St.Joann Jovinelly

Good morning, East Village.

Here’s more about the man who fell on the train tracks at the Second Avenue subway stop Friday: “The worried mom says her son suffers from seizures, as well as emotional and drug problems. She said tests found no alcohol in his system and that she believes he fell because of a seizure.” [NY Post]

David Cross on filming in his old neighborhood: “Especially in the East Village, there’s this old, annoying kind of typically clichéd, iconoclastic punker and all that kind of s- -t — the Goths and gay guys — and those guys see the production, and they’re yelling, ‘The park is for the people!’ It was a nightmare.” [NY Post]

“On Saturday, Bleecker Bob’s shuttered its doors for good after forty-six years on the corner of West 3rd Street and MacDougal – just a week before Record Store Day celebrations on the 20th.” [Runnin’ Scared]

“The Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket returns to the Oval on April 21 through December 22.” [PcvstBee]

“120 East 4th St. has been without heat for a week. Calls to the Super and 311 have produced no results.” [Occupy East 4th]

“Beginning April 25th, the Art Production Fund will unveil a series of murals on the steel shutters of local businesses on The Bowery in New York.” [Art Observed]

An excerpt from “My Life in the Ghost of Planets – The Story of a CBGB Almost-Was,” by Binky Philips, in which the author’s band The Planets “discovers” CBGB and opens for the Ramones. [Huffington Post]