The Day | 1993 Wants You To Call It Back


Good morning, East Village.

The ’90s are calling and if you pick up a pay phone you’ll hear from the era of crushed velvet and “Kids.” The New Museum has recorded an oral history of NYC in 1993 and all you have to do to hear it is dial 1-855-FOR-1993 from any pay phone. Who knows, maybe it’ll be James St. James on the line telling you about club kids in the East Village, or Angelo Fabara recounting his days at the Limelight. [GalleristNY]

L.E.S. Dwellers are throwing down against the SoHo House’s expansion to the Lower East Side. The group sends an e-mail declaring that “L.E.S. dwellers scream NO MEANS NO to the 1,800 love letters sent to selected residents on the L.E.S. extolling the virtues of the Soho House franchise and its ‘inclusive’ nature, bringing the creative locals together. Only a certain “public” is welcomed, the rest will be left outside on the street with the riffraff who overtake our neighborhood Wednesday night through Sunday morning.” [L.E.S. Dwellers]

Pangea writes in to say it’s launching an East Village Film Series dedicated to showing “award-winning works from local and international filmmakers, and to celebrate the silver screen. Aiming to take cinema off the computer, and back on the big screen, the EVSF is dedicated to sharing important, entertaining, and challenging works of art with New York City.” [Pangea]

“An Upper East Side synagogue and a Lower East Side deli celebrated their shared past last night as Temple Emanu-El held a Passover Seder and dinner at Katz’s.” [NY Post]

City records indicate that Gary Barnett of Extell Development, one of New York’s luxury development barons, paid $150 million for the former Pathmark site on Cherry Street in the Lower East Side. [The Lo-Down]

Dig in your heels. The New York City Housing Authority is moving forward on an aggressive timetable to allow private “infill development” on five sites in the East Village and Lower East Side. [Downtown Express]

Last night “Momofuku Ko marked its fifth anniversary with a two-night event featuring a 10-course dinner composed of dishes from the original menu in 2008 as well as dishes from the present, for the 2008 price of $85 (a wine pairing of $55 was also available).” [The Food Doc]