The Day | $10K-a-Month Apartments at Jupiter 21

EAST VILLAGE floristGloria Chung

Good morning, East Village.

Rents at Jupiter 21 will range from $3,000 to $10,000 a month. A resident of the building it replaced, which held Mars Bar, says that during the 1980s she could look out her window and see the glow of “60 crack pipes.” [Wall Street Journal]

In an opinion piece that’s getting a good deal of pick-up, Felix Salmon slams Cooper Union for pursuing an overly ambitious growth strategy in the face of debt. [Reuters]

The rooftop of a five story building on East Seventh near Avenue C is caught on film Sunday afternoon, serving a cautionary tale for summer barbecues. [City Room]

Capt. David Miller, known for crackdowns on nightlife on the Lower East Side, is headed over to Chelsea’s 10th Precinct to take over as commanding officer. []

John Nolte reviews Warner’s archive of Season Two of the Bowery Boys Collection. [Breitbart]

East Village singer-songwriters Deborah Harry and guitarist Chris Stein look back on their careers. [GuardianUK]

“Wylie Dufresne gained acclaim with his refined, molecular approach atWD-50, and now we’re checking out his second NYC restaurant.” [Zagat]

Leisl Schillinger takes a look back to find calm in Hurricane Sandy six months ago. [WNYC]

The International Business Times takes a look at before and after photos of Hurricane Sandy. [IBT]

“Roughly one in four cellphone towers in the path of Hurricane Sandy went out of service. Now, local officials and communications experts are pushing providers to improve their performance during natural disasters.” [Public Radio East]

Raw sewage back-up has hit a Lower East Side housing project again. []

Artists are wanted for a $5,000 commission: “The Lower East Side Business Improvement District will be unrolling creative programming in the newly opened pedestrian plazas located at the mouth of the Williamsburg Bridge on Clinton and Delancey Streets.”  []