The Day | East Village ‘Slow Zone’?

4:16:13sotMel Bailey

Good morning, East Village.

“Chad Marlow, the founder of the Tompkins Square Park & Playground Parents’ Association, wants to bring a “slow zone” to the East Village as part of the Department of Transportation’s Slow Zone program, which lowers the speed limit within designated zones from 30 to 20 miles per hour.” [DNA Info]

An East Village “boutique condo” is on the market for $1.125 million. [Curbed]

“For one night, punk rock fans and foodies will have a chance to relive the grungy past when Marky Ramone teams up with Daniel Boulud for an evening of music and feasting.” [Gothamist]

“After a prolonged liquor license escapade, Eastwood bar has announced their official grand opening” on the Lower East Side. [The Lo-Down]

“In the fashion world the next thing is always the best thing, unless it’s so retro that it’s cool. Mariann Marlowe, proprietor of the East Village clothing shop Enz’s, has been at both ends of the spectrum.” [The Villager]

A new piece at 14th Street Y “is split into 5 stories written by 5 different writers that all explore a variety of meanings of the word HOME.” [14th and 1st]