Slideshow: CBGB Gets Packed Up and Shipped Off (Yup, Even the Toilets)

Photos: Lauren Carol Smith.

The old CBGB is ready for its close-up, and The Local was on hand as a section of the bar, the phone booth, a urinal, pieces of wall and founder Hilly Kristal’s desk hit the road yesterday for Savannah, Georgia, where they will be used in the upcoming CBGB movie.

The assorted items still have hints of the glory days at 315 Bowery. The beat-up old desk has a list taped to it of phone numbers for old staffers at the club that closed in 2006. The toilets are still filthy and showed no signs of scrubbing (a latrine and a urinal from the women’s room are shown in our slideshow). Most surfaces are covered in band stickers, and the cash register still has a cut-out image of Mr. Kristal alongside a photo of Shakira.

Yesterday it had all been packaged with care in storage near the Brooklyn Navy Yard and loaded into a moving van bound for south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

“CBGB evolved over time,” said one of the new owners of the valuable CBGB name, Tim Hayes. “It started off a country, bluegrass and blues bar. Then the punks took over, then the New Age people, and then the Guns N’ Roses people. The festival and the movie are a continuation of that evolution.”

After its closing, Mr. Kristal had the foresight to have the club disassembled and itemized — though Mr. Hayes didn’t know if he ever envisioned a CBGB movie being made. “To preserve these things, it’s obvious he saw it all had a future,” Mr. Hayes said.

Filming of the movie, which will star Alan Rickman as the club’s owner, is expected to start June 25, according to ArtsBeat. Other big names in the film include Sting’s daughter Micky Sumner as Patti Smith, and the drummer from the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, as Iggy Pop. Ashley Greene of “Twilight” fame will play the founder’s daughter (and one of the movie’s producers) Lisa Kristal Burgman.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hayes and his staff are preparing to notify numerous bands that sent in submissions to play in the upcoming CBGB festival that they made the cut. “There are a lot of great bands out there that we hadn’t heard about,” Mr. Hayes said.

Last week Superchunk, Wyclef Jean and the bass player of Nirvana, Krist Novoselic, were added to the festival on July 4 weekend.

The head booker of the festival, Louise Parnassa-Staley mentioned The Secret History, The Pinz and Upper West as several new bands that had impressed her. Another band she enjoyed, Zulu Wave, plans to launch a KickStarter to fund their trip to the city from Tampa, Florida.

Looking at the old doors of the club boxed up like works of art, Ms. Parnassa-Staley said she had never imagined that her workplace would be preserved for the ages — at least while it was still open. “It dawned on me the day it closed,” she said. “But it’s nice to dust it all off.”

The bounty of club memorabilia was expected to arrive in Savannah this afternoon — just in time for an open casting call for extras in the movie. According to the Savannah Morning News the filmmakers are “looking for music lovers, musicians, motorcyclists, 1970s car owners and people with an overall ’70s look.”

Update | 2:18 p.m. An earlier version misspelled Micky Sumner’s name. The Local regrets the error.