The Local’s Most Commented Stories of 2012

From bagel burgers to shot dogs, from day care centers to donkey movies — these are the stories that got readers of The Local worked up this year.

UntitledDaniel Maurer FDR Drive near East 10th Street after Sandy.
Mary Catherine McSweeney, Brandon Verna and Kilo.

1. Pit Bull Still Alive, Had History of Attacks: “I don’t think that this dog having a history of biting people warranted a cop pulling a gun out and shooting it. There are restraint polls. Mace. Pepper Spray. They could have easily neutralized the dog. Also what if the cop missed and shot someone in the crowd that had amassed? What if the bullet ricocheted? This was police brutality and excessive use of force.”— joshua pape

The Bagel Burger

2. The Bagel Burger Bombs: “Josh must not have gotten this burger for free so he was confused, enraged and lashed out at the burger/bagel maker.”— Captain

Outside 50 East Third Street

3. Leave Her Home on East Third? Not Without a Fight: “This neighborhood, city, country has grown complacent and apathetic. Forward-thinking has been replaced with instant gratification, no matter the consequences. Greed and selfishness prevail. For a community to succeed, its members need to stand together and we (I represent many) stand with you.”— EV Prof

Rew pic #1

4. A Starr Is Born: A Firebrand’s Tiki-Bar Talk Show Celebrates Two Years: “Rew Starr has opened a whole new world for entertainers and musicians and east villagers like myself to express ourselves and share our message on her great internet series, The Rew & Who Show.”— Michael Paul


5. In Little Ukraine, Christmas Is Still Around the Corner: “Yay,I love the “Little Ukraine” I don’t think you mentioned Veselka , a really fabulous Combo Eastern European? New York diner. They have great prices. Can’t forget to mention the people are hard-working,respectful individuals.”— Janet Megeed

First Steps Director Luz Whetstone

6. New Day Care Copes With Love A Lot’s Legacy: “My son is at First Steps and we are very happy there. Its a beautiful center with a great staff. And such a relief to find a quality daycare option in the neighborhood. We were formerly at Love a Lot and this a professionally run business, with no shady dealings. The only thing in common is the great teaching staff, which is why we were so pleased to see First Steps open up ( And that’s at the same location doesn’t really matter.) I’ve been through the preschool daycare roller coaster and love what we’ve found at First Steps-a great school with a very positive environment- happy teachers and happy students learning & growing together.”— jm

Joey Ramone May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001

7. Kristal Family Sells CBGB, New Owner Speaks: “Stop being selfish, people. New York needs CBGBs back, and it should come back. It’ll be as good as the owners and patrons make it. The rock scene in NYC and everywhere else is hurting. This could be a good boost. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll be happy to play there when it opens – assuming it isn’t a commercialized dump.”— Chicken


8. Salvation Army ‘Girls’ Home’ Turns 82, But Some Aren’t Celebrating: “Mary Reinholz’s article on this very unfair eviction was outstanding–It’s important to try to influence landlords (in this case, lordlords) to put fairness over profits. I’m not at all clear about a couple of those who commented who seemed to think she was complaining about it being overpriced. That was not at all the issue–it was about evicting a longtime, responsible, almost-a-senior resident without cause and with scant notice.”— a NYC psychologist


9. Tonight: Doin’ It With Donkeys, On the Big Screen: “I am fro Colombia and this is true story. I live in New York for many years so I am at the movie tonight. Come say hi and I tell you how my first true love was with a donkey.”— Edward Ramirez


10. Tenants Say Landlord Has Lost It, But What Can They Do?: “The “human aging process” dictates that she should get out of the landlord business when it becomes too much for her! Compassion would also dictate that her family have her declared incompetant, which is obviously the case.”— DP