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The Day | City Sued Over N.Y.U. 2031

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including the Mosaic Man’s latest work, the story behind a new hotel of First Avenue and more.

Video: Calls of ‘Shame On You’ as N.Y.U. 2031 Is Approved

The City Council gave New York University a final green light to build four new buildings south of Washington Square Park, but opponents tossed out of City Hall today vowed to file a lawsuit against the controversial expansion plan.

Lawsuit Against N.Y.U. 2031 Likely on the Horizon

Opponents hint that tomorrow they will announce new legal tactics to stall the expansion.

C.B. 2 to Mendez and Chin: City Council Too Soft on N.Y.U. 2031

At a meeting attended by Rosie Mendez and Margaret Chin last night, members of Community Board 2 spoke out against the scaled-back version of N.Y.U.’s controversial expansion plan that the two City Council members supported earlier this week.

Council Committee Approves N.Y.U. 2031, With More Concessions

One of the boomerang buildings will be four stories instead of 11.

Ferris Bueller and Other Villagers Take Day Off for Final N.Y.U. 2031 Hearing

The City Council hearing on New York University’s controversial expansion plan got a star cameo today, as Greenwich Village native Matthew Broderick argued that N.Y.U. 2031 would further strip the neighborhood of of its character. He was one of about 250 people who spoke out during the packed nine-hour meeting, with about 60 percent opposing the plan and 40 percent voicing their support.

LIVE: City Council Hearing On N.Y.U. 2031

The Local liveblogs a critical hearing on N.Y.U.’s expansion plans.

N.Y.U. 2031, Now Hotel-Free, Clears Another Hurdle

The university eliminated plans for a hotel and won a speedy approval from the City Planning Commission.

N.Y.U. 2031 Bashed, Cooper Union Petitioned

Debates over the future of two of the neighborhood’s biggest institutions rage on.

N.Y.U. 2031’s Booers and Boosters Face Off Before Planning Commission

Critics and supporters of N.Y.U.’s planned expansion in Greenwich Village pleaded their cases before the New York City Planning Commission yesterday. The lively exchange was a critical one, since the controversial project must be approved by both the Planning Comission and the City Council before construction can begin.

The Skinny on the Slimming of N.Y.U. 2031

A breakdown of the Manhattan borough president’s recommendations regarding the university’s expansion.

The Day | The Times Supports N.Y.U. 2031

A roundup of this morning’s news.

Expansion Explainer: The Shadows Cast by N.Y.U. 2031

A primer on the concerns surrounding the loss of light that will result from N.Y.U. 2031.

Expansion Explainer: Why Dogs Are Always at N.Y.U. 2031 Protests

The details of how N.Y.U.’s proposes to replace a dog run at Mercer and Houston Streets.

Expansion Explainer: The Playgrounds in N.Y.U. 2031’s Footprint

Everything you need to know about the future of three playgrounds in the footprint of N.Y.U’s proposed expansion.

Expansion Explainer | Parking Impacts of N.Y.U. 2031

Everything you wanted to know about the impact on parking from N.Y.U.’s expansion plan.

W.S.V. Tenants Appeal Suit Against N.Y.U. as Faculty Mulls Expansion

Faculty members discussed N.Y.U.’s plan to expand in Greenwich Village at a town hall organized by the N.Y.U. Space Priorities Working Group today. The first of three subcommittee meetings came a day after residents of Washington Square Village appealed the dismissal of their case against the university.
The first of three subcommittee meetings came a day after residents of Washington Square Village appealed the dismissal of their case against N.Y.U.

‘Very Good’ Chances of Appeal in N.Y.U. Case

“The judge put the burden on the poor and elderly instead of on N.Y.U., where it belonged,” says the attorney for the rent-stabilized tenants of Washington Square Village.

Broderick at Court Hearing: ‘N.Y.U Has Just Taken More and More’

Opponents of N.Y.U.’s expansion in Greenwich Village, including actor Matthew Broderick, scored a small victory in a packed courtroom today.

N.Y.U. Faculty and President Keep Sparring

Daniel Maurer The new year has brought yet more verbal volleys between New York University’s president, John Sexton, and the most vocal opponents of the school’s plan to grow its footprint in Greenwich Village and around the world. Friday, Mr. Sexton, who in March faces the possibility of a vote of “no confidence” from the […]