The Day | The Times Supports N.Y.U. 2031

Good morning, East Village. Enjoy the above video, recently uploaded to YouTube, of Jon Brown and Bill Pierce skating Tompkins Square Park.

The Times runs an editorial in favor of N.Y.U.’s expansion. It acknowledges concerns about the current plan and goes on to say, “But this important New York institution should be able to expand in its core area. It is one of the nation’s elite universities; it adds high-paying jobs and intellectual allure to the city and to the Village. It is just the sort of thing New Yorkers should encourage.”

On the very day that Bill Ayers told Occupy protesters at Union Square Park not to look to the media for validation, The Times publishes a piece noting that “with less visibility, the movement has received less attention from the news media, taking away a national platform.” Meanwhile City Room reports that a judge in Criminal Court in Manhattan is deciding whether Brookfield Properties overstepped its bounds when it teamed with the police to roust protesters out of Zuccotti Park.

With “Passing Stranger,” an audio tour of East Village poetry landmarks, set to debut at the Bowery Poetry Club later this month, The Times visits some of the stops on the tour with creator Pejk Malinovski, including Allen Ginsberg’s old place.

The Post discovers that the three-alarm fire at Masaryk Towers, in which two dogs died, was caused by a space heater.

The Post reports that an East Village hedge fund manager is competing with a Brooklyn duo to trademark the term “Timsanity” in reference to new Jets star Tim Tebow.

The Wall Street Journal visits the East Village studio of painter Ciao Fonseca. “The room where I paint was where the set stood for ‘The Honeymooners,'” says the artist. “See that yellow dotted line on the floor? That’s where the cameras would track. Most days, I practice piano in the mornings and I spend the rest of the day painting.”

Speaking of splashy apartments, Shoe Box Dwelling peeks into a studio that was modified with a loft that added “many full-sized amenities, including bedroom, home office, entertainment area, walk-in closet, and lots of storage.”

The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post attend a book party for “Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone” at the Jon Varvatos store. HuffPo has photos of guests Mick Rock, Tommy Ramone, Linda Ramone, and Elvis Costello.

Dangerous Minds posts a clip of the New York Dolls performing at Club 82, which was “a well-known ‘high class’ drag club of the 50s and 60s where the likes of Walter Winchell, Elizabeth Taylor and Errol Flynn could be seen” before it became “a glam-rock club and later a disco.”

Animal notices graffiti promoting the new Spiderman movie on an East Village wall.

The Lo-Down hears that Matt Levine’s project at 205 Chrystie Street, just below Houston, will be called Cocktail Bodega.

Eater reports that Clio Goodman, owner of Puddin’ by Clio, has snagged a cookbook deal.

Fork in the Road runs a two part interview with Joe Dobias of JoeDoe. The former Subway sandwich artist says, “We’re not having a problem selling a $9 sandwich. You have a lot of people in the East Village, the older half, and a lot of people don’t understand and say, ‘Oh, I can go to the deli and get a $7.50 sandwich.’ But there’s a lot more care and a lot more thought put into what I’m doing.”