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The Freshmen Are Coming and N.Y.U. Says, ‘Park It On Us’

If you thought three days of “Eleanor Rigby” have been a parking hassle, wait till N.Y.U.’s freshman class moves in this Sunday.

But wait! If you live in the shaded area above, which includes the East Village from Second Avenue eastward, the school will reimburse you for a 24-hour stay in a parking garage. Ikea’d you not!

The school’s announcement, intended to “help alleviate potential difficulties,” invites non-students who park in a garage this Saturday night or Sunday to bring a receipt and proof of residency to its Office of Government and Community Affairs, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more details, contact the office at (212) 998-2400.

Expansion Explainer | Parking Impacts of N.Y.U. 2031


As Village residents await Borough President Scott Stringer’s recommendation early next month regarding N.Y.U.’s expansion plans, The Local is taking a look at the impacts of the project. Today, we’re examining the concerns surrounding parking under the proposed development. Check back throughout the week for our coverage of concerns surrounding loss of light, the dog run, playgrounds, and the LaGuardia Community Garden. What other issues should we tackle? Let us know in the comments.


OK, so how is parking in Greenwich Village going to be affected by this plan?


Currently, there are 670 spaces in a garage underneath Washington Square Village. Of these, 150 are public and the rest, a total of 520, are reserved for residents and their guests. As proposed, 281 parking spaces will be permanently eliminated. No spaces will be available to the general public.


So, 281 lost? That sounds like a lot.


The new garage would have 389 total spaces, which is the minimum required by the city zoning code. The entirely private garage would be built starting in 2022 and would be accessible through only one entrance, whereas the existing one has two (on West Third and Bleecker Streets). The current garage operates at around 80-percent capacity, and has around 130 spaces available on a typical workday. N.Y.U. believes that the amount of traffic using the new garage will be significantly less than it is now, given that the lot will not be open to drivers regularly commuting into the area. Opponents like Terri Cude, co-chairwoman of the Community Action Alliance, argue that the single entrance and exit would create a choke point that would exacerbate traffic. Read more…

At Mudspot, Cars Lose Parking Space To Bike Rack

Bike Parking at Smith and Sackett StreetsGersh Kuntzman The only other example of in-street parking in the city at Smith and Sackett Streets in Brooklyn.

The Mudspot on East Ninth Street will get the first in-street bike parking of its kind in Manhattan, which will claim one space for a car and give cyclists eights new spots to lock up.

“As cycling increases in popularity, we’re starting to look to the street for parking,” said Hayes Lord, the bicycle program director for the Department of Transportation.

Under the plan, a car-length space would be cordoned off with planters and four circular bike racks would be installed. Mudspot lobbied for the additional parking and will be responsible for keeping the area clean.

During a presentation to Community Board 3’s Transportation Committee, Transportation official Wallace Murray said that the parking would help alleviate the foot-traffic jam caused by the numerous bicycles locked up in front of the cafe just as the sidewalk narrows. Read more…