The Day | Sick Puppy Remixes Dog Shooting Video

seventhDaniel Maurer

Good morning, East Village.

“Eleanor Rigby” is filming in the neighborhood again. As you can see above, East Seventh Street has been secured for shoots tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

Um, wow: someone has gone and remixed the audio of Star the pit bull getting shot by a police officer and incorporated it into a video that seems calculated to shock and disturb. “It’s only offensive to people who love dogs,” says the creator.

ArtsBeat reviews “Antigone Unearthed” at the Fringe Festival and isn’t a big fan. “Be wary of a play whose selling points, according to its publicity materials, include ’20 cubic feet of potting soil’ and ‘spinal movement.'”

Forays of a Finance Foodie sings the praises of L’asso EV. Check out that buffalina pizza bagel!

EV Grieve spots signage for Shaun White at 7-Eleven on 14th Street. The snowboarder and skateboarder will be promoting bubblegum.

Celebrity Gossip has photos of Mary Kate Olsen checking up on renovations of her $6.25 million townhouse on East 10th Street. She’s moving in with boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, according to The Post.

Mashable examines why some startups prefer the city over Silicon Valley, and cites FourSquare as an example. Founder Dennis Crowley’s “kitchen table in the East Village served as their first workspace.”

And Jeremiah has the latest round of clever signage urging tourists to keep to the right of the sidewalk, shop locally, and such.