Wanna Cover It? The State of Churches (and Mosques, and Synagogues…)


Yesterday we showed you footage of a former church being leveled – and the fate of another church hangs in the balance. But it’s not all gloom and doom where religious institutions are concerned. A few blocks from that demolition site on Avenue B, renovations continue at St. Brigid’s. In recent days, East 11th Street was temporarily closed so worshippers spilling out of the Madina Masjid could pray in the street during Ramadan. And as you can see in the above video, just posted to YouTube, the ever inventive Middle Collegiate Church performed a triple wedding ceremony a few weeks ago. A reader wants to hear still more blessed news, and uses the Virtual Assignment Desk to request it:

Seriously, there’s more to the EV than restaurants and bars. Talk to the leaders of our mosques, churches and synagogues once in a while. See what they’re up to. Maybe it’s news, or maybe it’s just life goin’ on.

So what say you? Have any news to share from your house of worship? If so, go to our Open Assignments desk and volunteer to leave us a tip or report the story yourself. If you have a specific story to pitch, do so at our Virtual Assignment Desk.