Posts published in September, 2012

From Avenue D to Ahmadinejad: Cohen Speaks to Iranian President

Not only is Stanley Cohen defending Mona Eltahawy, the commentator arrested Tuesday after defacing a provocative pro-Israel poster, but the Alphabet City-based lawyer spoke his mind about U.S.-Iranian relations to none other than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Local has learned.

Parents of Relocated Students Decry Metal Detectors, Windowless Classrooms

Just a day after their children were relocated to a new school following the evacuation of their building, parents of East Side Community High School students are lamenting the new arrangement and demanding a speedy resolution from the Department of Education.

Times A-Changin’: BAD Burger Ditches 24/7, Bowery Diner Pours Later, Calliope Open All Day

The neighborhood loses a 24/7 joint and gains a breakfast and lunch spot.

What Fools These Mortals Be: Kevin Brewer’s ‘Island’ at Connelly Theater

A luckless, drenched, and thoroughly confused batch of modern folks is shipwrecked on an obscure isle populated by loonies who think they’re living in a Shakespeare play and speak and behave accordingly.

Housing Authority Agrees to Closer Tabs

The New York City Housing Authority signed an agreement with the City Council Wednesday to provide quarterly updates about how it spends taxpayer money.

Dog-Run Duos | Joanie and Gus

Joanie Koveleskie, 40, visits the park every day with her “life-saver,” a Siberian Husky named Augustus Gloop.

The Day | Controversial Penthouses Approved, Plus 14 Other Morning Reads

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including a green light for SPURA, an adjournment in the Cro-Mags slashing case, a “Sexy Brunch,” and more.

Street Scenes | Cooper Union Kids Streaking?

A curious scene near Astor Place.

Nightclubbing | The Raybeats

Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong continue sorting through their archives of punk-era concert footage as it’s digitized for the Downtown Collection at N.Y.U.’s Fales Library. In this edition: the discovery of a lost Philip Glass recording.

Would Gem Spa Like to Buy a Vowel?

One the neighborhood’s iconic storefronts was marred last week when the cover of the “E” went mysteriously missing from Gem Spa’s sign.

Cocktails at The Cardinal, After ‘Street Fight’ For Hard Liquor

A barbecue joint on East Fourth Street will finally begin pouring cocktails on Monday – an accomplishment its owner said was “no small feat.”

Making It | Peggy Yunque of Shape of Lies

Collage artist and jewelry designer Peggy Yunque has been living and working at 127 East Seventh Street with her husband, a sculptor and filmmaker, for almost 33 years.

The Day | Rooftop Film Tonight, Anne Hathaway Next Month

The Local’s roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including the latest Momofuku expansion news, two new cocktail spots, and more.

Fighting for a $291 Apartment, With a $747-Per-Month Last Resort

Margaret Hearn pays just $291 per month to live in a sprawling, three-bedroom apartment in the East Village, and also keeps a $747 studio in Gramercy. Now, she’s facing eviction.

Spot the Proud New Yorkers in the New Joey Ramone Video, ‘New York City’

The new video for Joey Ramone’s song “New York City” kicks off in the East Village and features a slew of familiar faces.

Iranian Group Promotes Peace With Projection Bombing

Last night Havaar, a self-described “Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State Repression,” took the Illuminator out for a spin, projecting messages like “Peace” and “Freedom” on the side of a building at East 14th Street and Broadway.

Slurp On the Cheap: The East Village’s Oyster Happy Hours

The first New York Oyster Week, celebrating our city’s special history with the delicious bivalve while examining preservation efforts, is upon us. Until Sat. 29, “oyster-centric” events will be happening in and around the city. But these East Village oyster specials can be had year-round.

The Day | City Sued Over N.Y.U. 2031

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including the Mosaic Man’s latest work, the story behind a new hotel of First Avenue and more.

Leah Cohen of ‘Top Chef’ Opens Pig & Khao With Fatty Crew

See the Thai-Filipino menu, inspired by the chef’s travels in Asia.

Dessert Shop Coming to 15 Avenue B

The dessert trend moves over to Avenue B.