Dessert Shop Coming to 15 Avenue B

IMG_2777Alexa Mae Asperin 15 Avenue B

The East Village was experiencing “dessert overload” back in 2008. More recently we’ve gotten Puddin’, Big Gay Ice Cream, Spot Dessert Bar, Van Leeuwen, Ame Ame, and this summer, a couple of gelato spots and a new fro-yo joint (with still another one coming).

Now the trend moves over to Avenue B. Manny Haimovich, the owner of 15 Avenue B, told The Local today that the building on the corner of Second Street will be home to a dessert shop.

He wouldn’t give up the goods as to what exactly will be served, but said ice cream will be on the menu and it will be the first of its kind to hit the area. Dessert lovers can expect a grand opening in the next two months.