Dog-Run Duos | Joanie and Gus

Time for some more fun at the run. Here’s this week’s dog-run duo.

Joanie & GusNicole Guzzardi
jumpingNicole Guzzardi Gus jumps the fence.

The Master: Joanie Koveleskie, 40, visits the dog run every day with her “life-saver.” Before him, she was a self-proclaimed loner who rarely left her East Village apartment. At the park, she’s made many a friend, both human and canine.

Pet Tricks: Rather than getting fur all over the house, Ms. Koveleskie brushes her dog at the park. He spreads out on the ground and lets her go to town, no problem.

The Dog: Augustus Gloop, a 15-month-old Siberian Husky, is also known as Gus. He loves to chase his two cat siblings around the house, just for fun. “I have to tell him sometimes, ‘Leave your brother and sister alone,’” Ms. Koveleskie said.


Claim To Fame: The huge “wolf-like” puppy has startled many a dog owner by jumping over the barrier into the small-breed portion of the run. But he’s a big goof and just lays down and lets them jump all over him.

Pup’s Playmates: His daily wrestling buddy is Teddy, a three-year-old Shepherd-Chow mix.

Favorite Food: Filet mignon. According to Ms. Koveleskie, a restaurant near their home spoils Gus with slabs every now and then.

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