Would Gem Spa Like to Buy a Vowel?

Gem SpaSuzanne Rozdeba

One of the neighborhood’s iconic storefronts was marred last week when the cover of the “E” went mysteriously missing from Gem Spa’s sign. (Or maybe it’s an improvement? Those lights do look appropriately gem-like.)

An employee at the egg cream mecca on the corner of Second Avenue and St. Marks Place told The Local today, “The ‘E’ blew off last week in the wind. It just came off.” But rest assured, order will soon be restored. “We still have it,” said the worker, sliding the E, cracked in two places, out from its temporary home on top of a refrigerator in the back of the store.

And so, the E won’t be missing for nearly as long as the one over at Moishe’s Bake Shop. “It got a little cracked, but it’s O.K. We should have it up again by today.”