Holy Moley! After Four Decades, Moishe’s Will Get a Makeover

Moishe'sNicole Guzzardi

The High Holy Days are keeping Moishe Perl, the owner of Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop, well occupied – but he’ll soon be even busier. After four decades on Second Avenue, the bakery is due for some changes.

Mr. Perl told The Local he would soon divide the bakeshop into three sections: a café, a bakery serving the usual tegalach and babka, and an area for hot foods like knishes, blintzes and pierogies.

Moishe'sNicole Guzzardi Baked goods at Moishe’s.

The work will start as soon as plans are approved. “We might renovate between the middle of the winter and the beginning of spring,” he said, adding that the bakery would only be closed for a matter of days.

The floors above Moishe’s – also due for a renovation – have been up for lease for the past few years, but Mr. Perl insisted “the bakery is going to stay” regardless of who moves in above it.

Moishe'sNicole Guzzardi

The storefront at 115 Second Avenue has seen better days: a chunk of the E in “Bake” is missing from its sign, its awning is in tatters, and graffiti mars the building. But Mr. Perl is optimistic about the bakery’s future incarnation. “We’re going to make a beautiful place,” he said with a smile.