Times A-Changin’: BAD Burger Ditches 24/7, Bowery Diner Pours Later, Calliope Open All Day

Bad BurgerSuzanne Rozdeba

First Sidewalk Cafe, and now another neighborhood joint has ditched 24/7 service.

Yesterday, The Local spotted a “SORRY!” sign on the door of B.A.D. Burger indicating it will no longer be open around-the-clock Monday through Thursday. The new weekday hours: 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.

“The neighborhood doesn’t rock the way it used to,” explained Perry “Pee Wee” Masco, who opened the burger joint with her brother, Keith, last November. “Business in the summer was difficult. We would go four or five hours without an order. Between staff and electricity, it was hard.”

For now, they’ll stay open 24-hours only on weekends, with the hope of going back to 24/7 service if business picks up.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of Houston Street, Bowery Diner hasn’t found around-the-clock service to be a challenge, according to owner Mathieu Palombino. “The late-night service is a plus for us, Saturday and Sunday morning especially, with all the bars and clubs around. Once they close, we are the only one with an open business on the whole street,” he said, adding, “It can get a little interesting on the Bowery late night, but that’s half the fun.”

In fact, the diner will soon begin serving booze later into the night. “Any day now we’ll be able to offer alcohol until 4 a.m., which should make it even more accommodating,” said Mr. Palombino.

Ms. Masco is also hoping to make B.A.D. Burger more enticing to drinkers. The restaurant was denied a recommendation for a beer-and-wine license by Community Board 3 in January, when her brother insisted his customers should be able to drink with their meals until 4 a.m.

“We went just for beer and wine, and still, they hit the roof,” said Ms. Masco. “They’re so aggressive towards us. Keith tried earlier to get a seafood bar and grill and do cocktails, and they cried as if my brother wanted to eat their babies.” Mr. Masco memorably called committee members “communists” after one meeting, but his sister is confident the State Liquor Authority will be more lenient. “We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a drop in the bucket.”

Meanwhile, Calliope, the new bistro on East Fourth Street, has extended its hours to include breakfast and lunch. Those menus can be found here.