B.A.D. Burger Opens 24/7 Tonight: How It’s Looking, What It’s Cooking

Photos: Noah Fecks

After a couple of preview dinners for friends and family, the East Village outpost of Williamsburg’s B.A.D. (“Breakfast All Day”) Burger will open for 24-hour, seven-days-a-week service at 7 p.m. tonight. Perry “Pee Wee” Masco, who owns the restaurant with her brother Keith, said she hoped to honor the history of its address, 171 Avenue A, as a rock-and-roll destination. In the 1980s, the late Jerry Williams, after briefly using the space as an after-hours club, turned it into a rehearsal and recording studio where the Bad Brains and other punk and hardcore legends performed.

Ms. Masco, a Bushwick resident, was the owner of Passout Record Shop, which eventually morphed into the Williamsburg location of B.A.D. Burger; her brother, who lives on Seventh Street and Avenue A (a rock-and-roll block if ever there was one), owned a record label, Radical Records. She described their new endeavor as “an edgy, alternative-rock diner,” noting that many staff members play in bands.

This locale boasts flat-screen television screens, an Asteroids video game machine, a bar, and a back patio accomodating 15 to 18 tables. According to Ms. Masco, the menu, which launched at the Williamsburg location a little over a week ago, is “higher octane,” with a new section dedicated to fries and dipping sauces.

One thing the new location hasn’t yet secured is a wine-and-beer license. At the moment, Ms. Masco is happy just to be opening. “We were in a holding pattern because of the buildings department,” she said. “We waited months to get the gas turned on – it was a debacle. But we finally got it turned on.” NYC Icy, which did business out of the restaurant while it waited to open, will continue to be scooped.