The Local’s Most Popular Stories of 2011

A month-by-month rundown of what our readers were most interested in this year.

New York Dance Parade 2011, East Village, New York City - 005The New York Dance Parade Vivienne Gucwa


bar story continental drink specials

1. Bar Is Subject Of Bias Investigation
2. Firefighters Recall Spirit Of 9/11 Hero
3. 8 Injured In A Pair Of Morning Fires
4. A Look At Life Inside 2 Cooper Square
5. Interview | Jimmy McMillan



1. An Overhaul At An Iconic Address
2. Pretty As A Pin-Up
3. An Era Ends At Ukrainian Sports Club
4. Demolition Set for 35 Cooper Square
5. Changes at Pub Divide Soccer Fans


1. Conversation | 35 Cooper Square
2. Imagining the Future of a Vacant Lot
3. For Bodegas, An Uncertain Future
4. Grace: A Life of Broken Promises
5. Ping Pong in the Park


Doctor Who

1. N.Y.U. Hawk Cam is Live * (10)
2. At Village East, Waiting for the Doctor
3. This Jaybird You Can’t Change
4. A Business Closes and Cites Bike Lanes
5. A Star of the Polish Jazz Scene Returns


Tangled Up In Blue

1. Talking Points | A Dylan Mystery
2. Viewfinder | ‘It Really Was A Village’
3. A New Principal for Girls Prep
4. As News [of Bin Laden’s Death] Spreads, Locals React Online
5. Images of The Dance Parade


Angel "LA II" Ortiz

1. Packing Away His Spray Paint * (9)
2. Panhandling as a Social Experiment
3. At Local Businesses, a New Way to Pay * (5)
4. Viewfinder | The Fillmore East
5. Three Laps, Hold the Anchovies


Mars Bar Closing

1. Mars Bar Forced to Close * (8)
2. Banned Version of Four Loko Still Sold * (6)
3. On 10th St., Towers that Never Were
4. For Locals, Shock at Mars Bar’s Closure
5. St. Mark’s Bookshop Fights for Life


Dennis Mykytyn

1. Want a 212 Number? This Man Has 100 of Them * (3)
2. Curtis Brown Will Open The Cardinal With American Apparel’s Dov Charney as Investor
3. Dating Advice From the Shopping Basket
4. Christina Tosi’s East Village
5. Prepare For Borscht Martinis: Veselka’s Bowery Location May Open Next Month


Glassy hot dogs

1. Look Out When You Cook Out! Bugs and Band-Aids Found in Hot Dogs * (1)
2. Advocates Hope to Turn Vacant Home Into Haven For Homeless
3. East Village IHOP Gets an Opening Date
4. The NYU Freshman Who Got Thrust Into The Limelight
5. IHOP Opens on 14th Street, and East Villagers React * (7)


Screen shot 2011-12-30 at 10.17.13 AM

1. Video: Did The Police Arrest A Protester After Running Over His Foot? * (4)
2. Protesters of Police Brutality Flood East Village
3. Shooting Near 12th Street and Avenue C
4. Amid Headlock Allegations, Parents Complain About Disciplining at Girls Prep
5. Bob Arihood, Chronicler of the Changing Neighborhood, Is Dead


Screen shot 2011-12-30 at 10.19.54 AM

1. Video: Reporter for The Local Is Arrested During Occupy Wall Street Clearing * (2)
2. Neighbors of New IHOP Say ‘No Relief’ from Smell of Bacon
3. In The East Village, Christian Anarchy Meets Occupy Wall Street
4. Balazs Removing Shepard Fairey Mural
5. Video: Thousands of Students (and Anne Hathaway) Protest in Union Square



1. On First Avenue, One Filipino Pop-Up Pops Up Next to Another
2. Video: Thieves Make Vaporizers Vanish From a St. Marks Smoke Shop
3. Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz, and Others ‘Occupy’ The Bowery Hotel Tonight
4. Tepito Opens, Serving ‘Mexican Modern Cuisine’: How It’s Looking, What It’s Cooking
5. The Wren Opens Tonight on the Bowery

* indicates one of the year’s ten most popular stories, with rank in parentheses.