East Village IHOP Gets an Opening Date

ihopnotopenDaniel Maurer

Mark your calendars: A call to IHOP HQ reveals that the outpost at 235 East 14th Street will open on Sept. 20. Earlier today, a visit to the location (the city’s second) found boxes of newly delivered spray bottles on a counter and a “WE ARE NOT OPEN” sign on the door, which didn’t dissuade flapjack fanatics from walking in. One bystander, upon being informed of the opening date, told another, “Maybe I’ll see you here in three weeks.” Will you too “make it an IHOP day,” as the pancake house’s slogan goes, or do you agree with the bloggers and tweeters who think a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity in the East Village spells the end of civilization?