Video: Thieves Make Vaporizers Vanish From a St. Marks Smoke Shop

Earlier this week, The Local reported that on Black Friday, a handful of youngsters brazenly stole four vaporizers from a St. Marks Place tattoo parlor and smoking accessories store. Now the owner of Smoking Tattoos has provided surveillance camera footage that shows the team not only snatching the vaporizers, but returning just minutes later to help themselves to more.

Grace Liu, 19, the lone sales clerk at the store when the theft happened around 9:20 p.m. on Nov. 25, said that she had no idea that the team removed four Iolite Wisprs from a temporarily unlocked display case and then walked out with them (watch it happen from 0:58 to 1:28). But when two members of the team returned (at the 1:40 mark of the video) and one of them tried to take another box out of the cabinet, she noticed him and removed it from his hands.

“I saw the other guy come back up front and he was handling the Volcano [a vaporizer that the store sells for $750]. That’s when he was like, ‘Two white boys just ran out with a bunch of stuff,’ and that’s when I realized it was gone.” She added, “I knew something was up when he told me two white boys ran off with it, because there weren’t any – there were just the two [paying customers] that were right in front of me, but he was like, ‘Oh, you were just talking to them and helping them out.’ But I never helped any out.”

Ms. Liu placed the box behind the front counter while a tattoo artist looked for the thieves on the street. At the 3:58 mark of the video, the man once again picks up the box in an apparent attempt to walk out with it.

“He grabbed the box again and said, ‘Oh, I’m just going to talk to the guy outside [the tattoo artist] about it.’ That’s when I said, ‘No, he has nothing to do with it – you’re not taking it outside.’ He started asking me a bunch of questions about the Volcano itself, saying he already had it and there’s something wrong with it; he didn’t know who to return it to, and he said that he wanted to purchase this one also.”

Ms. Liu didn’t believe the man, in part because she said the shop had seen “a lot, a lot of thieves. You can’t leave anything around anywhere – no matter if it’s hidden or not, they still manage to find it and take it.” She said she recently lost her MyTouch 4G cell phone as a result. “I left it right in front of a tattoo artist and a customer and they still managed to take it from right in front of them.”

The police said that no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named in the case.

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