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St. Mark’s Bookshop Pushes Cooper Union For Lower Rent

St. Mark’s Bookshop asks the Community Board’s support in its fight to have Cooper Union reduce its rent.

St. Mark’s Bookshop Fights for Life

The Local’s Kim Davis on the plight of St. Mark’s Bookshop. “You can’t browse online,” one of the store’s owners tells Mr. Davis. “People don’t make the connection that, if the store didn’t exist, they wouldn’t know about the books.”

The Day | Butch Morris Dead at 65

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web.

Literature Lives!

A book critic for The Times discovers that literary culture is still alive and kicking in Manhattan.

Spot the Proud New Yorkers in the New Joey Ramone Video, ‘New York City’

The new video for Joey Ramone’s song “New York City” kicks off in the East Village and features a slew of familiar faces.

Bookshop Meets Fundraising Goal, Not Out of Woods Yet

The store surpasses its goal of $23,000, but its co-owner says many challenges remain before he can move to a new location.

The Day | Star the Pit Bull Survived a Bullet?

An update on the pit bull shot on 14th Street, a review of a dance in the Fringe Fest, a guilty plea in the case of Private Danny Chen and more news from the neighborhood.

The Day | Purple-Gloved Burglar Busted

A roundup of this morning’s news, including an update on 51 Astor Place, an overdose in Tompkins, and an arrest at the former site of Billy’s Antiques.

Fly’s-Eye Guy Gets Pie in Sky

Congrats to M. Henry Jones: after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund his trippy brand of 3D portraiture, the artist and animator reached his $11,000 goal yesterday.

The Day | The Bookshop Crowdfunds New Digs

A roundup of today’s news, including the latest plea from the Bookshop and an update on the tenant-landlord clash on East Third Street.

Leigh Stein ‘Can’t Go to the East Village Anymore,’ But Reads Here Tonight

Tonight, Leigh Stein reads from her new book of poetry. We spoke to the Brooklynite about bad dates in the East Village and an awkward shopping trip to the St. Mark’s Bookshop.

The Day | $18 Carrot Dish Panned, $2.50 Tap Water Hard to Swallow

A roundup of today’s news from the neighborhood, including outrage at Northern Spy, the latest of Bleecker Bob’s, and the appearance of a notorious Lamborghini.

The Day | Turmoil at Sixth Street Community Synagogue

A roundup of today’s news, including a changing of the guard at a local synagogue, restoration of service along the M9, and the Paris Review’s support of the bookshop.

The Day | The Bookshop Needs Another Mob

A roundup of today’s news from the neighborhood, including another plea from St. Mark’s Bookshop, the fallout from the stolen guns at the Ninth Precinct, and more speculation about Andrew Carmellini’s French restaurant.

The Day | Nydia Wins, and Eight Other Morning Reads

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the web.

The Day | McSorley’s Bartender Also a Bard

A roundup of this morning’s news.

Bookshop Pleads Again for Customers

The store is urging its followers to buy a book and help it become financially secure.

The Day | ‘White-Glove Bandit’ Arrested Near Tompkins

A roundup of this morning’s news.

Prankster Who Got Bloggers to Report Ludicrous N.Y.U. Rumor Speaks

The prankster was frustrated with the university’s refusal to take tuition for future students off of the table.

Seeking Village Valor

The Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation has announced that it’s now accepting nominations for its annual Village Awards.