The Day | The Bookshop Crowdfunds New Digs

Lucky Ant

The perennially on-the-brink St. Mark’s Bookshop has unveiled a new crowdfunding campaign on Lucky Ant to pay for its move to a new location. The campaign comes less than a week after a successful cash mob. Crain’s, which first reported the latest plea, notes that the Bookshop hopes to raise $23,000. The initiative is particularly urgent because the store’s rent, which it renegotiated with landlord Cooper Union last year, will sharply increase in January.

The Times gets a tour of Reno Dakota’s Bed-Stuy Brownstone. In his salad days, Mr. Dakota “was for many years a downtown beau idéal, living in the East Village, working as a prop stylist and decorating nightclubs like Area, even inspiring a song by the Magnetic Fields about unrequited attraction.”

EV Grieve has an update on the ongoing tenant-landlord clash at 50, 54 and 58 East Third Street, where over a dozen people were notified their leases would not be renewed earlier this year. Now, a rep is going door to door talking to remaining tenants about buyouts and “relocation opportunities,” as heavy renovations are about to begin on vacant apartments. “Many tenants have accepted our offer as most people aren’t interested in living in a building that is under construction and they would much rather move during the summer months,” a letter from the rep reads.

The Wall Street Journal recommends several wine pairings to accompany your fancy pizzas at Nicoletta.

And a friendly reminder: tonight’s movie in Tompkins Square Park is the James Bond classic, “Goldfinger.” The flick starts at sundown.