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With Colossal Paintings, Erik Foss Frames 9/11 in the Context of ‘Avarice’

The owner of Lit Lounge and Fuse Gallery will head uptown for his first New York City solo show, a reflection on the events of September 11, 2001.

Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

Drop Into Fuse Gallery Tonight

Don’t feel like staying in tonight? Head out to the opening of “In and Out and In Between,” an exhibition of ceramic-on-wood works by Julia Chiang.

The Day | Five-Year Sentence For Stairwell Sex Attack

Scott Lynch Good morning, East Village. Imre Meszesan, who was arrested last November after he followed a woman into her apartment and attempted to lift up her skirt has been sentenced to five years in jail. [NY Post] Erik Foss, owner of Lit, tells The Local that on Dec. 8 the bar will be throwing […]

Mitt Romney Gets Blasted at Lit

Lit Lounge is the last place you’d expect to find Mitt Romney, but thanks to a new mural, he and Obama will be there every night.

The Day | East River Blueway No Walk in the Park

A roundup of today’s news from the neighborhood, including the latest on Norman’s Sound & Vision, challenges of the Blueway, and more trouble for Ben Shaoul.

Grunge Legends in the Basement of Lit? Must Be a ‘Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist’ Art Show

The Melvins are widely considered the godfathers of grunge: Kurt Cobain, who drove them to shows in their Mel-van, was so heavily influenced by their brand of “sludge metal” that he once worried Nirvana would be considered a “Melvins rip-off.” So why did their latest show draw just under 150 people?

The Day | ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Brings Models to 12th Street

A roundup of this morning’s stories, including a search for lost art, a drab renovation on East Fourth, graffiti artists fro gardeners, and a new Lower East Side spot.

The Day | To Chain-Shop or Not to Chain-Shop?

A roundup of this morning’s news.

‘Nose Bleed’ at Lit

The upcoming exhibit celebrates artists who would rather die than go north of 14th Street.

The Three Lives of Lit Lounge

A regular at the bar recalls the good days, the bad, and the new good days.

Video: Nick Zinner and Company Celebrate Ten Years of Lit

On Friday, Second Avenue lounge Lit celebrated its ten years as a gathering place and showcase for downtown’s musicians, artists, D.J.s, and plain ol’ cool kids. The Local managed to get a video camera into the crowded house.

Watch Retna Paint the Latest Mural at Houston and Bowery

Marquis Lewis, better known to the street-art world as Retna, has been painting one of his signature hieroglyphic works on the wall at Houston Street near Bowery for the past two days. Our photographer Tim Schreier documented his progress.

East Village Noise Musicians Go West, But First: Two Weeks on Avenue C

Dominick Fernow, the founder of Hospital Productions, closed his record store to move to Hollywood, but this month he makes a slight return, as curator of a two-week series at the Stone.

On Avenue A, a ‘Mad Scientist’ of 3-D Animation Watches His Studio Vanish

Photos: Noah Fecks. On the northern fringes of Avenue A, an intriguing storefront stands out amidst the taverns, slice joints, and coffee shops. Its façade is blank except for a built-in 1950s-style television that for years has played loops of video art, and its front door is usually open into the wee hours of the […]

David Yow Talks Art, and Why He Is Done With Music

David Yow, the lead singer of two seminal bands, talks about his entry into the art world.