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Watch Jimmy McMillan’s ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ Music Video

Funny we were just mentioning Jimmy McMillan: the one and only “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy just released a music video produced by Animal New York. Watch as the mayoral hopeful gets down outside of the Jacob Riis Houses as well as at the corner of St. Marks Place and Second Avenue, just a […]

Jimmy McMillan: ‘I Hope 7-Elevens Pop Up All Over the Place’

Is Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan a fan of 7-Eleven? Damn straight, he is.

The Day | Jimmy McMillan for President?

A roundup of this morning’s news, including the latest on Adria Petty’s $1.85 million apartment, a barroom astrologer, a new cheesesteak joint, and more.

Jimmy McMillan Doesn’t Have to Prove to You That He’s an East Villager

Facing eviction, the man behind The Rent is Too Damn High party says, “I will not tell you or anyone where I slept last night or where I am going to sleep tonight.”

Interview | Jimmy McMillan

An interview with Jimmy McMillan, the former gubernatorial candidate with The Rent Is Too Damn High party, who discusses – among other things – his plans to run for president in 2012.

Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

The 7-Eleven Debate Plods On

Video: Simran Khosla Daniel Maurer Corner of 11th and A: “I can see 3 bodegas from this [spot]” In case you haven’t seen the flyers all over the neighborhood, there’s a “No 7-Eleven” meeting tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at 93 St. Marks Place. While the grassroots movement plots ways to block the […]

The Rent Is Too Damn High, So Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven?

That’s right: the Man of the People darkened the door of The Man’s convenience store!

The Rent Is Too Damn High, But the Ice Cream Is Free

Ray LeMoine As the East Village got walloped by Sandy, another force of bluster made his presence known in the neighborhood. On Monday afternoon, as mentioned on The Local’s liveblog, Jimmy McMillan was spotted cruising the streets in his Rent Is Too Damn High-mobile, an SUV plastered with his face, an American flag, and his […]

The Day | Arrests During March Down Broadway

A roundup of East Village stories from around the web, including the death of the Bowery Mural proprietor, a countersuit in the Body Evolutions case, and more.

The Day | Rents Up, Vacancy Down

A roundup of this morning’s news, including the demolition of 74 Third Avenue, praise for a Momofuku dish, and more.

The Local’s Most Popular Stories of 2011

A month-by-month rundown of what our readers were most interested in this year.

“Rent Is Too Damn High” Guy Still Fighting Eviction

At a hearing today, Jimmy McMillan admitted that he hasn’t paid federal income tax in years.

The Day | Messages in the Sky

A roundup of this morning’s news, including an urban etiquette guru, a falling window lintel, and more.

The Day | Jimmy ‘The Rent is Too Damn High’ McMillan Faces Eviction

A round up of news and blog posts relating to the East Village, including an academic take on Four Loko, possible eviction for the Rent is Too Damn High candidate, and a look at the secret lives of bodega cats.

The Day | A Fresh Coating Of Snow

A roundup of news articles and blogposts related to the East Village.

Interview | Warren Redlich

The Local East Village interviews Warren Redlich, the libertarian candidate for governor of New York.

The Day | His Rent’s Not Too High Here

A roundup of blogposts related to the East Village.