The 7-Eleven Debate Plods On

Video: Simran Khosla
UntitledDaniel Maurer Corner of 11th and A: “I can see 3 bodegas from
this [spot]”

In case you haven’t seen the flyers all over the neighborhood, there’s a “No 7-Eleven” meeting tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at 93 St. Marks Place.

While the grassroots movement plots ways to block the chain’s alleged plan to “over-saturate the neighborhood with locations and remove any and all competition” Steven Matthews, on his Quilas blog, continues to question No 7-Eleven’s mission and accuse it of class bias. “They could have shone a light on conditions of workers at bodegas, as I did,” he wrote yesterday. “They could have examined why the choices were limited to 7‑Elevens and bodegas, as I did. Instead they ignored it all, focusing on superficialities and nativist fears.”

Our question: how do 7-Eleven customers feel about all this? We’ve already heard from Jimmy McMillan, the mayoral hopeful who wants 7-Elevens to pop up all over the place. Recently, we hit the street with iPhone cameras rolling and spoke to a few more Big Gulpers. Video above.