The Day | Jimmy ‘The Rent is Too Damn High’ McMillan Faces Eviction

Their Downward Dog Needs WorkSusan Keyloun

Good morning, East Village.

Here’s something to consider if you’re considering snatching up one of those rogue cans of Four Loko: Gothamist picked up a study from the Annals of Emergency Medicine that revealed 11 patients under the influence of the banned beverage (10 of them underage) were treated in the Bellevue emergency room in the four month period in late 2010. One patient had fallen onto subway tracks and five others were found unconscious in public places.

The Post’s police blotter (via EV Grieve) has news of a high speed getaway from Tompkins Square Park by a suspected drug dealer. After nearly careening into a sergeant in the stolen minivan he was driving, Robert Ball briefly escaped before hitting traffic and was apprehended.

Also from the Post, word that Jimmy McMillan, who ran for governor on a platform of “the rent is too damn high,” is facing eviction from his $872.96 rent-controlled St. Marks Place apartment. Mr. McMillan’s landlord claims he is in violation of his lease because he actually lives in Brooklyn. Mr. McMillan has vowed to fight the case.

Photographer Bob Arihood spotted the Google Street View car at East Seventh Street and Avenue A (and presumably it spotted him right back). With all the bar and restaurant comings and goings in the neighborhood, the folks at the tech giant must be kept busy snapping all the changing storefronts.

Finally, to ease you into the weekend, City Room picks up a nature documentary about bodega cats also featured on The Daily What. The stores themselves might be on the endangered list, but apparently their furry little guardians are not.