Posts published in October, 2012

Alec Baldwin Drops By to Cheer Up Displaced NYU Students

Daniel Maurer Baldwin leaves the building. Displaced NYU students got an unexpected dinner guest today, as Alec Baldwin made a star appearance at the school’s student center. The “30 Rock” star stopped into Kimmel Center, off of Washington Square Park, around 7 p.m. tonight. “I’m an alum and John Sexton asked me to come and […]

The Rent Is Too Damn High, But the Ice Cream Is Free

Ray LeMoine As the East Village got walloped by Sandy, another force of bluster made his presence known in the neighborhood. On Monday afternoon, as mentioned on The Local’s liveblog, Jimmy McMillan was spotted cruising the streets in his Rent Is Too Damn High-mobile, an SUV plastered with his face, an American flag, and his […]

The Latest: Limited Subway Service, Bellevue Evacuating, and Where to Plug In, Get Online

We’ll keep updating this post, so check back periodically. Daniel Maurer The charging crowd at NYU Bobst. Good afternoon, East Village. We’re writing from NYU Bobst Library at 70 Washington Square South. As The Local tweeted earlier, it’s offering free WiFi and charging stations to the general public until 4 p.m. The internet connection is […]

Sandy’s Aftermath: Lower East Side

Earlier we showed you Sandy hitting the East Village. Now we’ve received a batch of photos from the Lower East Side. Have some of your own? Add them to the pool.

Photos: Sandy Hits the East Village

A C-Squat resident’s photos of flooding on Avenue C and elsewhere.

Midnight Madness: Here’s Who Was Open at Midnight

Daniel Maurer Bistro Truck Here’s who was up and running (or crawling, anyway) at the witching hour, or shortly before. ST MARKS Grassroots Tavern Gem Spa St Mark’s Market 2ND AVE 2nd Ave Smoke Shop  Heart of India  East Village Grocery Winebar Yem Yem Falafel FIRST AVE DBA East Village Farm Bodega at 118 1st […]

East Village Weathers the Superstorm

Daniel Maurer FDR Drive near East 10th. East Villagers woke up to waterlogged cars, downed trees, limited cell phone reception, and an acrid smell in the air – a lingering reminder of a circuit-breaker explosion at the Con Edison plant on 14th Street that preceded a blackout affecting nearly all of Manhattan south of 39th […]

Liveblog: East Village Braces For Hurricane Sandy

It’s about time to fire up the liveblog as Hurricane Sandy moves in. We’ll keep you posted on who’s open, who’s closed, what’s up, what’s down, and any other news as this potentially unprecedented storm closes in on Zone A and beyond. Tweet at @nytlev or e-mail us and we’ll include your updates in this […]

Here It Is: Mitt at Lit!

A look at Lorenzo Masnah’s finished Obama-Romney mural.

The Day | Sandy, Betty Headed For East Village

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web,

In East Village, ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Followed By Fireworks

Fireworks, presumably World Series-related, boomed over the East Village shortly after midnight, capping off a night of hurricane preparation and anticipation that was described as eery and sedate.

Street Scenes | Painting the Town

An artist paints Cooper Square.

Dog Run-Duos | Greg and Brody

Greg Ko, an East Villager of 27 years, hits the run two or three times a day with his Dalmation, Brody.

Litro Gets New Name and Business ‘Model’

Forget the whole Italian restaurant thing: how about model bartenders and a weekly “college party”?

Mitt Romney Gets Blasted at Lit

Lit Lounge is the last place you’d expect to find Mitt Romney, but thanks to a new mural, he and Obama will be there every night.

At George Jackson Academy, a Karate Sensei in the Classroom

As a bullying-related suicide in Staten Island swept the headlines today, students at George Jackson Academy got a lesson in how to keep their community bully-free.

Former Mo Pitkin’s, Aces & Eights Space Goes to the Dogs

After sitting conspicuously vacant, the space that held Mo Pitkin’s and Aces & Eights is just a few weeks away from reopening as a dog-friendly social club and pet-care center.

Nightclubbing | After-Hours, 1980

In the ’80s, an after-hours spot opened around 3 a.m. and gave up the ghost around noon. Somehow, they were always packed and never too hard to find.

The Day | CHARAS/El Bohio Protester Acquitted

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web.

Ninth Precinct Heroes Honored For Taking Down Killers, Money Boys

It was a welcome break in a week of bad press for the Ninth Precinct: guests filed into Cooper Union’s Great Hall on Tuesday night to honor officers who excelled in the face of danger.