Dog Run-Duos | Greg and Brody

The Halloween parade is over, but we’re still having fun at the run. Here’s this week’s dog-run duo.

IMG_8126Nicole Guzzardi

The Master: Greg Ko, an East Villager of 27 years, hits the run two or three times a day with his canine companions Boots and Brody.

The Dog: Ambrotious Brody, a.k.a. Brody, a.k.a. Bro-Bro. The 15-month-old came all the way from a breeder in Connecticut and is the third Dalmatian Mr. Ko has owned.

Favorite Food: Shoelaces, but he’ll eat anything and everything. “It goes from regular dog food, to human food, to duct tape, to iPod chargers, to glasses, contact lens cases, coffee table legs, sneakers,” said Mr. Ko.

Best Friend: Boots, a four-year-old Shepherd/Border Collie. Brody follows Boots everywhere, but it took him some time to warm up to her. “In the beginning she was like, ‘Get rid of the puppy,’” Mr. Ko laughed.

Claim to Fame: Pulling things off the shelves. Now that Brody’s getting taller, he needs to be put in a crate when Mr. Ko isn’t home: “One time he grabbed some grated cheese – all over the living room floor, he opened the container.”