The Day | Historic District Vote Set For Next Month

Go LiteracyScott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

Scott Lynch photographed a new mural outside of The Strand, where there was apparently a Morrissey sighting yesterday.

Off the Grid drops the news that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has set Oct. 9 as the date of its vote on the East Village/Lower East Side Historic District.

Gothamist reports that a 72-year-old woman was hit by an NYPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle on the Bowery Thursday night. A police spokesman said “it was an accident,” though the investigation is ongoing.

Gothamist also notes that politicians and Catholic leaders are upset that the controversial work of art, “Piss Christ,” will be shown in New York again. A couple of months ago, artist Andres Serrano told The Local that he was Christian and didn’t intend for his work to be blasphemous.

PaidContent reports that the Village Voice and its sister publications are parting with the controversial adult advertising site The new Denver-based operation, Village Media Group, will be owned by three former executives from the company.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York takes a look at Alan Wolfson’s latest miniature, depicting Katz’s Deli. “And this isn’t Katz’s 2012, either. The exterior wall is papered in posters for Blondie, The Ramones, and Patti Smith. Alan’s work comes from the greasy, gritty 1970s and 80s.”

Bowery Boogie notes that scenes from an episode of “Louie,” in which comedian Louis C.K. works out, were filmed on the Lower East Side.

Speaking of workouts, a video posted to YouTube features Al Kavadlo leading one in Tompkins Square Park. You can get more of his workout tips on The Local.

The Times reviews “Habitat,” a “genre-bending art-theater project” that creates a 700-square-foot house in the Essex Street Market. During the course of the performance, the inhabitants “made music, snorted cocaine, flirted, argued violently, revealed dark secrets, undressed and redressed and, in one forlorn case, fornicated with a pumpkin.”

Grub Street notes that “Sugarmaker’s Select ($32), the jumbo glass jug of the season’s finest syrup released each fall” is now available at the Greenmarket.

The Globe and Mail uses New Museum’s Bowery exhibit to contemplate the evolution of “downtown” art. “The last show I saw at The Hole was called Portrait of a Generation, in which 100 artists contributed likenesses of their friends. It was incestuous and interdisciplinary and very downtown: downtown New York, downtown Paris, downtown London. Now downtowns everywhere are more alike than not. Certain kinds of artists can afford, as well as want, to live in downtowns anywhere.”

A photograph of Rage Against the Machine bassist Tom Morello has been added to the wall of fame at Manitoba’s, according to the Maniblog.

The Allen Ginsberg Project has photos from a party celebrating the digitalized re-released recordings of “Holy Soul Jelly Roll,” now available on iTunes.