Inside Andres Serrano’s 12th Street Studio and Sanctuary

Video contains graphic imagery.

Andres Serrano has been keeping busy since his controversial work, “Piss Christ,” made him the political and cultural cause célèbre that Pussy Riot has become two decades later. (Like the band that was sentenced to two years in prison today, the photographer’s unorthodox use of religious symbolism led to a controversial court battle, rankled the powers-that-be, and practically made him a household name around the world.) In May, the longtime East Villager put on a show at the Havana Biennial.

During a conversation with The Local at his monastic East 12th Street loft, Mr. Serrano corrected a misconception that he’s anti-Christian and that he courts controversy, and showed off his collection of mostly Judeo-Christian icons, paintings, sculptures, and furniture from the 16th and 17th centuries. He also spoke about his latest project, a forthcoming book of photographs that nods to his Cuban heritage.