Watch the Latest Centre-Fuge Paintings Go Up On First Street

NDA and SotTim Schreier NDA and Sot

The latest cycle of the Cente-Fuge project went up today. You’ll recall the project, which brought a painting of Adam “MCA” Yauch to First Street back in May, brings a rotating array of art to the walls of a modular unit used by construction workers. Tim Schreier, who photographed the installation of Cycle 4 in June, was back at it today, documenting East Villager Beau Bradbury and the rest of Cycle 5’s artists as they did their thing. Here’s what went down (or up, rather).

.Tim Schreier

Sot and Icy IrTim Schreier Sot and Icy

Icy and Sot (Sot Left/Icy Right)Tim Schreier Sot (left) and Icy (right)

.Tim Schreier

Cost and ENX ( Schreier Cost and ENX

Dedication to Mike Hamm by Pebbles RussellTim Schreier Dedication to Mike Hamm by Pebbles Russell

ENXTim Schreier ENX

SeeOne ( Schreier SeeOne