Watch the Trailer! New Centre-Fuge on First Street

Left to Right: Carson DeYoung's piece, Yok, Sheryo and BeauTim Schreier Left to Right: Carson DeYoung’s piece, Yok, Sheryo and Beau

Here it is! Cycle 4 of the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, wherein curators Jonathan Neville and Pebbles Russell (a.k.a. Pebbles van Peebles) bring new art to a construction trailer on East First Street every other month. No celebrity cameos this time around, except of course for the artists themselves. Tim Schreier shot them at work between First and Second Avenues over the weekend.

Yok at workTim Schreier Yok at work.

Muffin ManTim Schreier Muffin Man

Artist Beau BradburyTim Schreier Beau Bradbury

Artist Adam KidderTim Schreier Adam Kidder

Sheryo at workTim Schreier Sheryo.

"Newest World Order" by Beau Bradbury and Jim Joe (far right)Tim Schreier “Newest World Order” by Beau Bradbury and Jim Joe (far right)

Artist ZeraTim Schreier Zera.

Artist "Never"Tim Schreier Never.

Jonathan Neville and Pebbles van Peebles (curators of Centre-Fuge)Tim Schreier Jonathan Neville and Pebbles van Peebles.