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Making It | St. Mark’s Bookshop: ‘We’re Staying in the East Village’

With the Bookshop celebrating its 35th year, we spoke to owner Terry McCoy. As it turns out, he has a new space in mind, and it’s right here in the neighborhood.

Video: Cash Mob Storms St. Mark’s Bookshop, But Now What?

The Local’s cameras were rolling during a spending spree this weekend: watch our video to see the books flying off the shelves, and hear the bookshop’s co-owner Bob Contant tell the story of Allen Ginsberg playing security guard.

The Day | St. Mark’s Bookshop On the Move?

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the web, including a party for The Readery at The Standard East Village, the chaining of the Lower East Side, memories from Clayton Patterson, and more.

St. Mark’s Bookshop Hasn’t Turned Page

Without a boost in traffic, the bookstore won’t be able to rebuild its inventory.

Missed Patti Smith This Past Weekend? Catch Her Tonight at St. Mark’s Bookshop

Patti Smith completes a trio of local performances tonight with a reading from her recently released book, “Woolgathering,” at the St Mark’s Bookshop.

The Day | Patti Smith Reads at St. Mark’s Bookshop

A roundup of this morning’s news, including a building for sale on Avenue B, a building on the market on East Houston Street, Courtney Love on the Bowery, and more.

Viewfinder | Down the Aisles of the St. Mark’s Bookshop

Brendan Bernhard contemplates the state of the St. Mark’s Bookshop via a photo essay.

St. Mark’s Bookshop Back From the Brink

Neighborhood activists, local pols, the Cooper Square Committee, and owners of the bookshop all basked in the glow of the new rent agreement.

St. Mark’s Bookshop Strikes Deal With Cooper Union

But it’s not exactly what the bookstore had hoped for.

Rent is Under ‘Reconsideration,’ Reports St. Mark’s Bookshop

Rumors of the Bookshop’s demise much exaggerated?

The Day | A New Petition for St. Mark’s Bookshop

A roundup of this morning’s news, including a new mural on the Bowery, more on last night’s protests, a big building sale, and a supermodel at A-1.

Cooper Union Wavers On Rent Reduction For St. Mark’s Bookshop

The owners of the St. Mark’s Bookshop say all hope is lost regarding their push for a rent reduction. Cooper Union says no decision has been made.

The Day | St. Mark’s Bookshop Hears Back

A roundup of this morning’s news, including a suspect in the Donovan Salgado case and the shaming of bed bug buildings.

By Chance, St. Mark’s Bookshop Supporters Meet With Cooper Union President

With the aid of some fortunate timing, the Cooper Square Committee delivered their petition in support of the St. Mark’s Bookshop directly to Jamshed Bharucha today.

With Decision Imminent, St. Mark’s Bookshop Petition Will Be Delivered to Cooper Union (Updated)

Despite internet chatter, Cooper Union may not be reaching a decision today.

Squadron Backs St. Mark’s Bookshop

Read the senator’s letter to Cooper Union President Jamshed Bharucha.

Around the Corner From St. Mark’s Bookshop, Prices Inch Up at Zaiya

One of the neighborhood’s most affordable eateries bows before the recession.

The Day | St. Mark’s Bookshop is Shrinking, But Had a Good Weekend

A roundup of this morning’s news, including another celebrity endorsement for Mogador, happy birthdays to a couple of punk legends, and new spots of breakfast and meatballs.

Scott Stringer on St. Mark’s Bookshop

Read Borough President Scott M. Stringer’s letter to Cooper Union’s president, regarding the St. Mark’s Bookshop.

After Meeting With Cooper Union, Fate of St. Mark’s Bookshop Still Uncertain

An update on the bookstore’s efforts to lower its $20,000-per-month rent.