The Day | St. Mark’s Bookshop is Shrinking, But Had a Good Weekend

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope

Ahoy, East Village! And happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

The Times has more on the state of St. Mark’s Bookshop: Over time, the owners have had to halve their inventory from about 43,000 titles. Fun fact: The store’s rent when it opened at 13 St. Marks Place in 1977 was $375 per month. And some good news: according to Jeremiah’s Vanishing, this past weekend was one of the shop’s busiest.

Another St. Marks institution, Cafe Mogador, gets yet another celebrity endorsement: David Carp, founder of Tumblr, tells the Times that it’s his standard brunch spot.

The Times’s “At The Table” column visits Edi & the Wolf, the Austrian spot on Avenue C that “plays host to a mix of funky young Lower East Siders and buttoned-down diplomats.”

“Sweet” isn’t the only stand-up comedy showcase in the neighborhood: Broadway World has the lineup of the Comedy School Dropout series, Wednesdays at Beauty Bar.

The Post says that Stuy Town should be called “Sty Town” because of all the “dirty mattresses, soiled couches, broken TVs and rancid pizza boxes” that residents have been leaving on the street.

Flaming Pablum wishes happy birthdays to Richard Hell and the late Dee Dee Ramone.

Speaking of the Ramones, Marky was plugging his pasta sauce (available at Whole Foods) at a Road Recovery fundraiser in Times Square. According to The Times, Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba was there, too. Though he owns Manitoba’s, he says he’s been clean and sober since 1993.

And speaking of pasta, EV Grieve spots signage for an Italian joint coming to 424 East Ninth Street in October. Meanwhile Bar Veloce is now open for breakfast, and the scent of bacon is wafting from the soon-to-open Ihop.