The Day | St. Mark’s Bookshop Hears Back

Who would steal a baby?Scott Lynch

Good morning, East Village.

DNA Info and the Daily News report that, at a meeting with the St. Mark’s Bookshop yesterday, the vice president for finance and administration at Cooper Union’s arts and engineering school offered the store a deferral of a month’s rent, and also offered to work with it on selling more Cooper Union course books. But that isn’t enough for the Bookshop’s owner Bob Contant, who tells DNA Info, “They’d be willing to help us, just not financially. Our need is financial. We don’t have the money, and they’re not putting up the money.” The shop will meet with the school’s president tomorrow and the final decision will still come at the end of the month. Meanwhile, EV Grieve reprints some letters of support, including one from Salman Rushdie.

According to DNA Info, the police have identified a suspect in the shooting of Donovan “Keith” Salgado: Hockeem Smith, 24, is described as 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds.

Bowery Boogie interviews Hunter Fine, part of the team behind the “hipster traps.” These days, he’s creating miniatures of buildings that are infested with bed bugs – including a couple of addresses in the East Village – and leaving the tiny “Bed Bug & Breakfasts” outside of their real-life counterparts as a public service.