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The Day | Eva Mendez Goes Skull-Shopping at Obscura

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web.

Where Obscura Sold Taxidermy, New Boutique Sells Vegan Purses

MINKvixen is selling new and used clothing that’s “classic with some sort of goth/punk edge.”

Freaks of the Week: ‘Oddities’ Films at Obscura, Billy Carts Off the Coffin

Two of the neighborhood’s celebrity misanthropes were at it earlier this week.

Inside Obscura’s New Location: More Macabre Than the Funeral Home Before It?

A photo gallery of the store’s new location on Avenue A.

Obscura to Reopen on Avenue A

Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson hope their store will be back in business by the end of February.

Obscura Is Back in the Spotlight: Season Three of “Oddities” Premieres Next Week

With change in store for Billy’s Antiques, it’s good to know that the neighborhood’s other reliquary for bizarre and macabre artifacts is still going strong.

Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

Billy’s Antiques in ‘Limbo’ After Death of Landlord

Plus, “Baggage Battles” begins filming a new season tomorrow.

The Local’s Most Popular Stories of 2012

A month-by-month rundown of what our readers were most interested in this year. Konstantin SergeyevClean-up at MoRUS after Sandy JANUARY 1. Last Call at Holiday Cocktail Lounge 2. Japadog Opens on St Mark’s 3. New Year Begins With Occupy Arrests, Motorcycle Accident 4. In Little Ukraine, Christmas Is Still Around the Corner 5. Death on […]

On St. Marks, Saints Tavern Comes Marching In

Care for a Malibu Barbie with that plate of frickles? You can now order just that on St. Marks Place. Here’s a look at Saints Tavern, and its menu.

Making It | Danny Buzzetta of Peter Jarema Funeral Home

A managing funeral director describes how cremation and a dwindling Ukrainian population is cutting into businesses.

The Day | No Break in Murder Case

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web.

Audio-Visual Whiz Hopes New Showroom Will Be Bright Spot On Avenue A

After years of toiling in a basement, custom home-theater builder Kerry Bright will open a showroom across the street selling high-end audiovisual equipment.

The Day | To Chain-Shop or Not to Chain-Shop?

A roundup of this morning’s news.

The Day | Holiday’s Replacement Revealed?

A roundup of this morning’s news, including the temporary closing of Obscura Antiques & Oddities, praise for Masak, Philip Glass on the East Village, a visit to Gem Spa, and more.

The Day | Protesters Detained at C.H.A.R.A.S. Demonstration

A roundup of this morning’s news, including more Occupy Wall Street arrests, an arrest in a mugging case, an undercover netting stolen iPhone buyers, and more.

The Day | Remembering the Eviction of C.H.A.R.A.S.

A roundup of this morning’s posts, including possible heart surgery for Ray, a female priest on East Fourth, drug charges at the Sunburnt Cow, Christmas comes early for M15 drivers, and more.

Andrew Buckler’s East Village

The designer’s Buckler brand is based in the meatpacking district, but he calls the East Village home. Hear about his favorite spots.

Billy LeRoy Joins Facebook, Asks in Ad: ‘Do You Want to Be Me?’

The Billy’s Antiques ringleader stars in a new energy drink ad.

A Store with Antiques and More

To simply call Obscura Antiques and Oddities another East Village antique store might not do justice to the offbeat and slightly macabre aesthetic that co-owners Evan Michelson and Mike Zohn have spent years cultivating in their small curiosity shop.