Obscura Is Back in the Spotlight: Season Three of “Oddities” Premieres Next Week

With change in store for Billy’s Antiques, it’s good to know that the neighborhood’s other reliquary for bizarre and macabre artifacts, Obscura Antiques and Oddities, is still going strong. Season three of “Oddities” will premiere on the Science channel on Dec. 17 at 9 p.m. Here are just some of the customers and items mentioned in the episode guide: “An evil clown touting a grinder,” “a smoking lung,” “some art, made of body parts,” “a devil-horned patron… looking to rid himself of a possibly possessed spirit,” “an extraordinary exploded skull preparation,” “incredible 18-inch fingernails,” “a prostate warmer,” “an unusual Tibetan skull drum,” “a chainsaw-wielding performer,” and “a taboo piercing kit that isn’t used to put holes in ears.”

So, business as usual!

Kathryn Kattalia squeezed a camera into Obscura back in March. In case you missed it, her video for The Local is above.