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Susan Stetzer Due For a Raise, Says Community Board

Susan Stetzer may have her detractors (it’s still uncertain who posted flyers last month assailing her as an “unelected meddler” and “assassin of New York’s creativity”), but she also has her admirers.

Flyers Accuse C.B. 3’s Susan Stetzer of Assaulting Civil Liberties, Assassinating Creativity

Susan Stetzer woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning – “Wanted” flyers describing her as an “unelected meddler” and an “assassination of New York’s creativity.”

Thank You, East Village

A mosaic of 160 people who make the East Village what it is.

The Day | Police Crash Gallery Show

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the Web.

Bowery Nightspot Faces Wrath of Neighbors, Gets Nod For Sidewalk Cafe

Lila Selim Mark Birnbaum addresses the board. Residents of 199 Bowery again sparred with the owners of Bow, Finale and The General at a meeting of Community Board 3’s liquor licensing committee meeting last night. Over a dozen people spoke out against excessive noise and sidewalk congestion at the club/restaurant hybrid, which is seeking to […]

Andrea Stella Helps Travelers Find Shelter, and More

We asked the founder of The Space at Tompkins where “travelers” and “crusties” go during cold weather, and what the difference is between the two, anyway.

C.B. Votes Against Bar in Cultural Center, Owner Cries Foul

Community Board 3 has voted against supporting a beer-and-wine license renewal for The Suffolk, the bar that has been fighting to stay in the lobby of the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center.

The Day | Clayton Patterson’s Lower East Side, and 12 Other Morning Reads

A roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including some Fashion Week parties, Steven Spielberg’s thespian son, Union Square as cheese district, and more.

The Day | A Tour of Rosie’s Offfice

A roundup of East Village news from around the Web, including a discussion about nightlife, the latest Lower East Side gallery openings, a visit to Gin Palace, and more.

Shakeup On A: Diablo Royale Este Closes, Bar On A ‘Temporarily Closed’ As Well

A couple of troubled establishments on Avenue A have closed, and it’s uncertain whether they’ll reopen.

C.B. 3 Asks City to Slow Gentrification (Plus: 65 Other Budget Requests)

Among other things, this year’s district needs asks the city to “slow the growth of gentrification and to ensure that long-term residents can remain in decent affordable housing.”

Construction Dust-Up Leaves Beer Hall’s Neighbor Out of House and Home

The Paulaner Brauhaus has become involved in a dust-up that could hurt its chances of snagging a liquor license.

Lakeside Lounge Partner Taking Over Space, Will Open Blackbird

Laura McCarthy is also a partner in HiFi, Bowery Electric, and Niagara. She’s planning to move the bathrooms and lose the live bands and jukebox.

Harsh! No Skateboarding on Sundays at Open Road Park?

A Community Board 3 committee has recommended new hours of access that will limit the amount of time skateboarders can ride the ramps at Open Road Park.

Side-by-Side, East Village Chain Stores Would Span 16 City Blocks (Plus: Map)

The Local’s analysis of the 115 chain businesses in the East Village.

Kiss the Nice Guy Eddie’s Mural Goodbye?

Plus, another iconic bar, Joe’s, is cleared to become Josie’s.

With Looser Beer-and-Wine Rules, C.B. 3 Hopes to Repair ‘Infamous’ Reputation

Before finalizing a controversial set of stipulations that would ease Community Board 3’s stance against new beer-and-wine licenses in nightlife-heavy areas – so long as applicants agree to close shop early – a task force decided last night to seek counsel from a higher power: the State Liquor Authority.

15 Congested and Dangerous Intersections Targeted for Improvement

Natalie Rinn The intersection of Bowery and Houston. Ten East Village intersections have been targeted for improvement by the Department of Transportation, including one – the intersection of Houston and Bowery – that has seen a bevy of biking accidents. Last night at a joint meeting of Community Boards 2 and 3, the department unveiled […]

C.B. 3 May Change Policy: Early Bird Gets the Beer

The board wrestles with the state’s tendency to approve all business owners who seek licenses to sell beer and wine.

Data Shows Bars With Most Noise Complaints, But Is It Just Sound and Fury?

Recently released 311 complaint data reveals a veritable who’s-who in the neighborhood’s ongoing struggle with nightlife. Is it a signifier of which bars are the noisiest, or which neighbors complain the most? Or both?