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SmashedScott Lynch

Curbed shines a spotlight on the coolest crib you’ll never visit: the penthouse apartment at 12 East 12th features a water tank that has been converted into a cottage. The mini-dwelling has 24-foot ceilings, stylish windows, cable, and air conditioning. The two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms are just a bonus. It can all be yours for the modest sum of $3.6 million.

WABC has a few quotes from last night’s community board meeting about bar noise. “You often hear screaming or yelling or singing sometimes cheers,” says district manager Susan Stetzer, “sometimes I’m surprised that people who should [have] grown up act the way they do.”

The Post reports that Observer publisher Jared Kushner has closed on what will be eight walk-ups in the East Village, SoHo, and the West Village, to the tune of $53 million. The East Village properties include 267 East 10th, 435 East Ninth, 311 East 11th, 311 East Sixth, and 99 East Seventh. Read more…

Squadron Slams Shaoul Penthouse

-1Lauren Carol Smith The rooftop extension at 514-516 East Sixth Street.

Speaking of rooftop additions, the three-year battle against an extension to an East Sixth Street building continues. Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron testified before the city Board of Standards and Appeals, urging that the landlord be forced to remove the addition that looms above neighboring buildings. Last year, the Board had ruled that the new sixth floor of the building at 514-516 East Sixth Street could remain in place, but that the seventh floor had to be removed. The landlord, Ben Shaoul, is now seeking a waiver of that order.

“By granting this variance, the Board of Standards and Appeals would set a precedent that would allow additional apartments to be built far in excess of what current zoning laws allow,” Mr. Squadron said. “Granting today’s request could also lead to a permanent change to the original height of the tenement buildings on East Sixth Street, putting the buildings out of context with their neighbors and altering the feel of an historic neighborhood.”

The dispute over the rooftop extension mirrors complaints about an extension to 515 East Fifth Street, which is also owned in part by Mr. Shaoul.

Landmarks Commission on Latest Puck Proposal: Close, But No Cigar

Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 5.09.53 PMLeft: The building as it is today, without the addition. Right: The most recent proposal. Note the small structures on the roof. Kushner Properties

Jared Kushner did not succeed the first time he sought approval for a rooftop addition to the landmarked Puck Building, and he’s still trying again and again.

Today the Landmarks Preservation declined to approve a plan for a condominium on the roof for the third time, this time because a rendering of the proposal was found to be inaccurate. Still, it appears that approval of the plan — the three others were rejected for being too ostentatious — is near.

Puck Building2Kushner Companies A previous version of the rooftop addition, which was rejected.

“The architecture has calmed down. It’s not a statement anymore,” said Frederick Bland, a commissioner with the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Throughout the process, which began in September, Mr. Kushner has remained positive in spite of the rejections. His tone hadn’t shifted so close to the finish line.

“We are pleased with the progress we’re making,” he said in a statement. “This continues to be a productive process leading to a very special finished product which will improve the building in many ways.” Read more…