Posts published in June, 2012

First Look Inside Iconic Hand Rolls, Serving Sushi to Coneheads Tomorrow

The quick-service sushi spot specializing in cone-like temaki rolls will open to the public tomorrow. Here’s a look at the space, and the menu.

Making It | Grace Kang of Pink Olive

For every East Village business that’s opening or closing, dozens are quietly making it. Here’s one of them: Pink Olive.

Living with Bacon: IHOP’s Odor Endures

The latest olfactory journal maintained by a neighbor if IHOP.

Maroon 5 Fanatics Queue Up at Best Buy

That band has taken its toll.

Nightclubbing | The Dead Boys

Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong are sifting through their voluminous archive of punk-era concert footage as it’s digitized for the Downtown Collection at N.Y.U.’s Fales Library. Here’s this week’s trip down memory lane, starting with a word form Jeff Magnum, bassist for the Dead Boys.

Nevermind Those Bowery Hotels: the Real Starwatching Is at Maryhouse

If it were up to him, Felton Davis would install a 75-foot dome atop the communal shelter where he has lived for 25 years. But the Catholic Worker doesn’t have that kind of money, so he uses a simple telescope to show his fellow Maryhouse residents the wonders of the universe.

The Day | Nydia Wins, and Eight Other Morning Reads

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the web.

Standard East Village’s ‘Curated Kiosk’ Offers Beatnik Books, Shades

Some blocks north of William S. Burroughs’s “bunker” on the Bowery, The Standard, East Village is paying tribute to the neighborhood’s literary past by opening a throwback lobby newsstand stocked with the likes of Kesey, Kerouac, and Corso.

At Landmarks Hearing, Preservationists and Religious Leaders Clash

Preservationists came out in force on Tuesday to support a proposed historic district that would encompass a large chunk of the East Village, and ran into familiar anger from religious groups.

Dog Day Afternoon: Sausage Party in Union Square, New Judges for Crif Dog Classic

Some hot dog news to chew on.

Video: Rats Again Run Rampant at Former Guggenheim Lab Site

Cue “Return of the Rat” – the furry fiends are back on First Street.

Amid Garden-Variety Dispute, Diablo Royale’s Liquor License Is On the Rocks

The tequila may have to stop flowing in a few months at Diablo Royale Este. The embattled Mexican restaurant won’t have a liquor license come September unless its owner, Jason Hennings, files a special proceeding against New York State, according to a State Liquor Authority spokesperson.

And Now, Goths on a Jungle Gym

Some morbid models vamped it up on the jungle gym at Tompkins Square Park this afternoon.

The Ex-Villagers | Bought a Ticket to the West Coast

NY1 reporter Mari Fagel on leaving the East Village, and New York.

Six More East Village Buildings That May Soon Be Declared Historic

Yesterday the executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, Andrew Berman, shared the history of six buildings that may soon be part of the proposed East Village-Lower East Side Historic District. Before this afternoon’s critical hearing, he’s delving into the history of six others.

The Day | After-School Progams Won’t Be Slashed

The Local’s daily roundup of East Village news from around the web, including a look at ABC No Rio’s future digs, Community Board 2’s new chair, a walk down Stuyvesant Street, movies in the park, and more.

Street Scenes | Tap the Andes

Yesterday in Union Square Park and at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, dancers celebrated Inti Raymi, the “festival of the sun” that has traditionally marked the winter solstice in the Andean region.

‘Non-Life-Threatening Injuries’ in Stairwell Collapse

A woman injured in a stairwell collapse was not seriously injured.

Life Cafe, Mama’s Food Shop Close Their Brooklyn Locations

Life Cafe is once again undone by its landlord, and Mama’s Food Shop has packed up in Williamsburg.

Six East Village Buildings That May Soon Be Declared Historic

On the eve a public hearing about a proposed historic district, Andrew Berman shares 12 of the more compelling building’s in the footprint.