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Hyperlocal Newsroom ClassThe students of “The Hyperlocal Newsroom.” Seated (from left): Stephanie Butnick, Sarah Tung, Elisa Lagos, Molly O’Toole, Clint Rainey, Meredith Hoffman, Rachel Morgan. Standing (from left): Tania Barnes, Maya Millett, Helen Zhang, Simon McCormack, Laura Kuhn, Jenn Pelly, Spencer Magloff, Suzanne Rozdeba, Robyn Baitcher, Sally Lauckner, Timothy J. Stenovec, Claire Glass, Sophie Hoeller, Carolyn Stanley, Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, Darla Murray, Andre Tartar, Amanda VanAllen.

Good morning, East Village.

When The Local launched in September, we issued an open invitation to our neighbors to join us in this experiment in journalistic collaboration.

Today, we would like to express our gratitude to all of those who have traveled with us on the journey so far, sharing their ideas, energy and talent with the site to help cover the community that we all call home.

Our appreciation extends far and wide – to the students of “The Hyperlocal Newsroom,” an elective course at NYU Journalism through which students report for the site, to our able authors from across the community, to local photographers who have generously shared the vivid images that they have captured reflecting the richness and variety of neighborhood life.

To them all, we extend our thanks and our wish that the list that follows – and the spirit of cooperation that this site represents – will continue to grow in the weeks and months to come.

The students of The Hyperlocal Newsroom:

We must also acknowledge the exemplary work of the class professors: Yvonne Latty, Mary W. Quigley and Darragh Worland.

And special recognition goes to Brooke Kroeger, the director of NYU’s Carter Journalism Institute, and Mary Ann Giordano, deputy metropolitan editor at The New York Times; their guidance and consistent presence in the classroom has continually helped to elevate the quality of the journalism on the site.

Published contributors from NYU Journalism:

The Local’s published community contributors:

We’re also grateful for the deft touch of Kim Davis, the site’s community editor.

The Local’s published photography contributors: